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Imaging Spectrometry VI
Editor(s): Michael R. Descour; Sylvia S. Shen

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Volume Number: 4132
Date Published: 15 November 2000

Table of Contents
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General approach to assessing the value of hyperspectral imagery and its application to sensor concept evaluation
Author(s): John W. Williams; Isabel M. J. Sargent; Giles M. Foody
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Technology options for imaging spectrometry
Author(s): Andrew Robert Harvey; John E. Beale; Alain H. Greenaway; Tracy J. Hanlon; John W. Williams
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System and design requirements in computed tomographic imaging spectroscopy
Author(s): Harvey C. Schau; Michael R. Descour; Eustace L. Dereniak; Peter T. Spuhler; Curtis Earl Volin
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Software for simulation of a computed tomography imaging spectrometer using optical design software
Author(s): Peter T. Spuhler; Mark R. Willer; Curtis Earl Volin; Michael R. Descour; Eustace L. Dereniak
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New technique for hyperspectral image analysis with applications to anomaly detection
Author(s): Bradley S. Denney; Rui J. P. de Figueiredo
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Using blocks of skewers for faster computation of pixel purity index
Author(s): James P. Theiler; Dominique D. Lavenier; Neal R. Harvey; Simon J. Perkins; John J. Szymanski
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Parallel evolution of image processing tools for multispectral imagery
Author(s): Neal R. Harvey; Steven P. Brumby; Simon J. Perkins; Reid B. Porter; James P. Theiler; Aaron Cody Young; John J. Szymanski; Jeffrey J. Bloch
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Advanced processing for high-bandwidth sensor systems
Author(s): John J. Szymanski; Phil C. Blain; Jeffrey J. Bloch; Christopher M. Brislawn; Steven P. Brumby; Maureen M. Cafferty; Mark E. Dunham; Janette R. Frigo; Maya Gokhale; Neal R. Harvey; Garrett Kenyon; Won-Ha Kim; J. Layne; Dominique D. Lavenier; Kevin P. McCabe; Melanie Mitchell; Kurt R. Moore; Simon J. Perkins; Reid B. Porter; S. Robinson; Alfonso Salazar; James P. Theiler; Aaron Cody Young
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Reconfigurable on-board payload data processing system developments at the European Space Agency
Author(s): Willem Wijmans; Philippe Armbruster
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Design issues for hardware implementation of an algorithm for segmenting hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): James P. Theiler; Miriam E. Leeser; Michael Estlick; John J. Szymanski
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Active hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Melissa L. Nischan; Amy B. Newbury; Rose Joseph; Mrinal A. Iyengar; Berton C. Willard; Gary J. Swanson; Justin Libby; Bernadette Johnson; Hsiao-hua K. Burke
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Thematic data processing on board the satellite BIRD
Author(s): Winfried Halle; Holger Venus; Wolfgang Skrbek
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Detection of manmade objects
Author(s): Amy B. Newbury; Melissa L. Nischan; Rose Joseph; Mrinal A. Iyengar; Berton C. Willard; Justin Libby; Gary J. Swanson; Bernadette Johnson; Hsiao-hua K. Burke
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Reduced dimension quadratic detection algorithms
Author(s): David W. J. Stein; Scott G. Beaven; Stephen E. Stewart
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Development of an invariant display strategy for spectral imagery
Author(s): J. Scott Tyo; David I. Dierson; Richard Chris Olsen
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JPEG-2000 compression using 3D wavelets and KLT with application to HYDICE data
Author(s): James H. Kasner; Ali Bilgin; Michael W. Marcellin; Austin Lan; Bernard V. Brower; Sylvia S. Shen; Timothy S. Wilkinson
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Effects of 3D wavelets and KLT-based JPEG-2000 hyperspectral compression on exploitation
Author(s): Sylvia S. Shen; James H. Kasner
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MODIS and ASTER airborne simulators system description
Author(s): Patrick S. Grant; Edward A. Hildum; Michael C. Peck
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Performance of the AHI airborne thermal infrared hyperspectral imager
Author(s): Paul G. Lucey; Tim J. Williams; Michael E. Winter; Edwin M. Winter
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HEIFTS phase II: laboratory and advanced simulation results
Author(s): Richard F. Horton; Tony Byers; Chris A. Conger; Eric L. Schafer; Anita L. Gallegos; William J. Schaefer
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Performance assessment of atmospheric correction algorithms on material identification for VIS-SWIR hyperspectral data II
Author(s): Amy E. Stewart; Raymond D. Bauer; Robert D. Kaiser
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Atmospheric correction algorithm featuring adjacency effect for hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Lee Curtis Sanders; John R. Schott; Rolando V. Raqueno
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MTI dense-cloud mask algorithm compared to a cloud mask evolved by a genetic algorithm and to the MODIS cloud mask
Author(s): Karen Lewis Hirsch; Steven P. Brumby; Neal R. Harvey; Anthony B. Davis
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Fast and robust algorithm to estimate the state of an atmosphere ocean system with multispectral satellite data
Author(s): Harald Krawczyk; Andreas Neumann; Gerhard Zimmermann
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On-orbit calibration of the Naval EarthMap Observer (NEMO) coastal ocean imaging spectrometer (COIS)
Author(s): Curtiss O. Davis; Donald M. Horan; Michael R. Corson
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Accuracy of ground-reference calibration of imaging spectroradiometers at large sensor view angles
Author(s): Kurtis J. Thome; Prabal Nandy
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In-scene calibration
Author(s): Richard L. Henry
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Sensitivity analysis of a CCD-based camera system for the retrieval of bidirectional reflectance distribution function for vicarious calibration
Author(s): Prabal Nandy; Kurtis J. Thome; Stuart F. Biggar
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Initial MTI on-orbit calibration performance
Author(s): William B. Clodius; Steven C. Bender; William H. Atkins; R. Wynn Christensen; Cynthia K. Little; R. Rex Kay; David Bridenstine
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Statistics of target spectra in HSI scenes
Author(s): J. Scott Tyo; Joel C. Robertson; J. Wollenbecker; Richard Chris Olsen
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Thermal infrared hyperspectral analysis of the NASA Mars rover test site at Silver Lake, California
Author(s): Michael E. Winter; Paul G. Lucey; Keith A. Horton; Edwin M. Winter; Jeffrey Moersch
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Hyperspectral analysis tools for the multiparameter inversion of water quality factors in coastal regions
Author(s): Rolando V. Raqueno; Nina Gibson Raqueno; Ronald R. Fairbanks; John R. Schott; Anthony Vodacek; Jason A. Hamel
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Ozone monitoring with the OMI instrument
Author(s): Erik C. Laan; Johan de Vries; Bob Kruizinga; Huib Visser; Pieternel F. Levelt; Gijsbertus H. J. van den Oord; A. Maelkki; Gilbert W. Leppelmeier; Ernest Hilsenrath
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Infrared hyperspectral imaging sensor for gas detection
Author(s): Michele Hinnrichs
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Hyperspectral fundus imager
Author(s): Paul W. Truitt; Peter Soliz; Andrew D. Meigs; Leonard John Otten III
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Design and plans for a wide-field imaging interferometry testbed
Author(s): Lee D. Feinberg; David T. Leisawitz; Douglas B. Leviton; Xiaolei Zhang; Richard G. Lyon
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Spectropolarimetric imaging using a field-portable imager
Author(s): Neelam Gupta; Louis J. Denes; Milton S. Gottlieb; Dennis R. Suhre; Boris Kaminsky; Peter Metes
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