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Optical Devices and Diagnostics in Materials Science
Editor(s): David L. Andrews; Toshimitsu Asakura; Suganda Jutamulia; Wiley P. Kirk; Max G. Lagally; Ravindra B. Lal; James D. Trolinger; David L. Andrews

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Volume Number: 4098
Date Published: 29 September 2000

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Fluorescence studies of protein crystal nucleation
Author(s): Marc L. Pusey; John Sumida
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Characterization of selected biomolecules in the course of the STS-95 mission using diagnostics developed within ESA's technology and research program
Author(s): Matthias Dieckmann; Karsten Dierks
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Potential challenges in near-field scanning optical microscopy for space applications
Author(s): Chandra S. Vikram; William K. Witherow
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New AFM techniques for investigating molecular growth mechanisms of protein crystals
Author(s): Arunan Nadarajah; Huayu Li; John H. Konnert; Marc L. Pusey
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Diagnostics and growth of organic thin films for electro-optic modulators with low-driving voltage
Author(s): Zhifu Liu; Sergey S. Sarkisov; Michael J. Curley; Alexander Leyderman; Yulong Cui; Javier Wu Li; Benjamin G. Penn
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Nanostructure fabrication process for optoelectronic applications
Author(s): Alexei A. Malinin; Victor F. Ovchinnikov; Tero H. Toivola; Charlotta J.-J. Tuovinen
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Sharpened carbon nanotube probes
Author(s): Katerina Moloni; Amit Lal; Max G. Lagally
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Reliable curvature sensor for measuring the topography of complex surfaces
Author(s): Michael Schulz; Peter Thomsen-Schmidt; Ingolf Weingaertner
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Facility for the curvature-based measurement of the nanotopography of complex surfaces
Author(s): Peter Thomsen-Schmidt; Michael Schulz; Ingolf Weingaertner
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Chemical imaging with scanning near-field infrared microscopy and spectroscopy
Author(s): Chris A. Michaels; Lee J. Richter; Richard R. Cavanagh; Stephan J. Stranick
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Determination of geometric properties of SNOM tips by means of far-field evaluation
Author(s): Soenke Seebacher; Wolfgang Osten; Werner P. O. Jueptner; Vadim P. Veiko; Nikolay B. Voznesensky
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Scanning near-field optical microscope: systems designs, performance specifications, and standardization schemes
Author(s): Tuan-Kay Lim
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Comparison of PSTM with A-SNOM
Author(s): Shifa Wu; Shi Pan; Guoshu Jian
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Research on the near-field distribution of nanometric apertures: fiber optic probes and the influence of parameters of metal-coated probes
Author(s): Xiumei Liu; Jia Wang
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Fabrication by wet etching of multilayer GaAIAs/GaAs microtips for SNOM applications
Author(s): Christophe Gorecki; Sabry Khalfallah; Hideki Kawakatsu; Yasuhiko Arakawa
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High-numerical-aperture objective lenses and optical system improved objective type total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Yoshihiro Kawano; Chikara Abe; Teruo Kaneda; Yasushi Aono; Katsuyuki Abe; Keisuke Tamura; Susumu Terakawa
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Water structure and water/protein interactions in biological materials characterized by Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Ole Faurskov Nielsen; Carina Koch Johansson; Kirsten L. Jakobsen; Daniel H. Christensen; Mette R. Wiegell; Thorvald Pedersen; Monika Gniadecka; Hans Christian Wulf; Peter Westh
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Detection of glutamate in the eye by Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Alvin Katz; Erik F. Kruger; Glenn Minko; C. H. Liu; Richard B. Rosen M.D.; Robert R. Alfano
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Investigation into the deformation of carbon nanotubes and their composites through the use of Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Carole A. Cooper; Robert J. Young
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Raman spectroscopy in nanopolyacetylene
Author(s): Valerii M. Kobryanskii; Dmitri Yu. Paraschuk; Aleksandr N. Shchegolikhin; Albert N. Kuptsov; Nikolay N. Melnik
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Micro-Raman scattering and microphotoluminescence on GaN materials grown on sapphire by metalorganic vapor deposition
Author(s): Zhe Chuan Feng; W. Wang; Wei Liu; Soo-Jin Chua; Geraint A. Evans; Martin Kuball; Ken P. J. Williams; G. D. Pitt
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Microstructural study of silicon carbide fibers through the use of Raman microscopy
Author(s): Yanling Ward; Robert J. Young; Robert A. Shatwell
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Phase transition and frequency doubling of B-BaB2O4 and K3Li12-xNb5+xO15+2x crystals
Author(s): Bing Kun Yu; Tianyan Yu; Guochang Jiang; Jianlin You
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Raman microscopic analysis in museology
Author(s): Robert Withnall; Alan Derbyshire; Sigrun Thiel; Michael J. Hughes
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Micro-Raman spectroscopy applied to the investigation of art objects
Author(s): Peter Vandenabeele; Luc Moens
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Identification of gemstone treatments with Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Lore Kiefert; Henry A. Haenni; Jean-Pierre Chalain
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Assessment of sensitivity advances in near-field Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Chris A. Michaels; Claire E.J. Dentinger; Lee J. Richter; D. Bruce Chase; Richard R. Cavanagh; Stephan J. Stranick
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Measurement of elastic properties of thin films by surface Brillouin scattering
Author(s): Marco Giuseppe Beghi; Carlo E. Bottani; Rosanna Pastorelli
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Impulsive stimulated scattering of molecular solids and metal surfaces under extreme conditions in a diamond anvil cell
Author(s): Bruce J. Baer; Liang Zhao; Eric L. Chronister
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Brillouin-scattering spectroscopy in single-crystal LiIO3
Author(s): YunSik Yu; SungChul Kim
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Second harmonic emission and the optical excitation of small particles
Author(s): David L. Andrews; Luciana Davila-Romero
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Raman scattering investigation of disorder and of hydrogen bonds versus temperature in sodium 4-nitrophenolate dihydrate (NPNa)
Author(s): Constantin Carabatos-Nedelec; Mohammed Ben Salah; Paul Becker
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Raman spectroscopy of modern art: classification and identification of Azo-pigments
Author(s): Peter Vandenabeele; Luc Moens; Howell G.M. Edwards
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Nano-oxidation of semiconductor heterostructures with atomic force microscopes: technology and applications
Author(s): Thomas M. Heinzel; Silvia Luescher; Andreas Fuhrer; Gian Salis; Ryan Held; Klaus Ensslin; Werner Wegscheider; Max Bichler
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