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Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits IV

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Volume Number: 3950
Date Published: 19 April 2000

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InP photoreceiver OEICs for high-speed optical transmission systems
Author(s): G. G. Mekonnen; W. Schlaak; Heinz-Gunter Bach; Th. Engel; Carsten Schramm; Andreas Umbach
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Optical transceiver in integrated and micro-optics on silicon
Author(s): Hans Joachim Heider; Ulf-Peter Dahms; Matthias Mahnke; Mark Bludszuweit; Joerg Mueller
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Integrated optoelectronic reconfigurable digital signal processor using smart-detector technology
Author(s): Guido Grimm; Bernd Kasche; Dietmar Fey; Werner Erhard
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Cross-talk reduction and efficiency of integrated photodiodes shown by an integrated edge detector
Author(s): Ingo Martiny; Ruediger Leuner; Bernhard Wicht
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Modulation transfer function of active pixel focal plane arrays
Author(s): Quiesup Kim; Guang Yang; Christopher J. Wrigley; Thomas J. Cunningham; Bedabrata Pain
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Thermal effects in multiple-pass p-i-n photodiodes
Author(s): David G. Cooper; John B. Medberry; Keith I. Williams
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Integrated cooling for optoelectronic devices
Author(s): Christopher J. LaBounty; Ali Shakouri; Patrick Abraham; John Edward Bowers
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Polymeric components for all-optical networks
Author(s): Louay A. Eldada; Karl W. Beeson; Deepti Pant; Robert Blomquist; Lawrence W. Shacklette; Michael J. McFarland
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1x2 Y-fed directional coupler modulator based on electro-optic polymer
Author(s): Dechang An; Suning Tang; Zan Shi; Lin Sun; John Martin Taboada; Qingjun Zhou; Xuejun Lu; Ray T. Chen; Hua Zhang; William H. Steier; Albert S. Ren; Larry Raymond Dalton
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Beam deflection with electro-optic polymeric waveguide prism array
Author(s): Lin Sun; Jin-ha Kim; Chiou-Hung Jang; Jeffery J. Maki; Dechang An; Qingjun Zhou; Xuejun Lu; John Martin Taboada; Ray T. Chen; Suning Tang; Hua Zhang; William H. Steier; Albert S. Ren; Larry Raymond Dalton
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Effect of dielectric constant on modulation voltage for nonlinear optic polymer-based optoelectronic devices
Author(s): James G. Grote; John S. Zetts; James P. Drummond; Robert L. Nelson; Frank Kenneth Hopkins; Cheng H. Zhang; Larry Raymond Dalton; William H. Steier
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Monolithically integrated semiconductor active and passive optical waveguide devices grown by selective epitaxy
Author(s): Weimin Zhou; Hongen Shen; Matthew H. Ervin; J. Conrad; Jagadeesh Pamulapati
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All-optical packet switching: architecture and implementation
Author(s): Fow-Sen Choa
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GaN and ZnO epitaxial films and channel waveguides for integrated optoelectronics
Author(s): Hong Koo Kim; Euisong Kim; Ahmed Nahhas; Boon Kwee Lee
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Multiwavelength conversion in an integrated wavelength-tunable laser modulator
Author(s): Alan Hsu; Shun-Lien Chuang; Tawee Tanbun-Ek
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Advancements in electro-absorption modulated sources for DWDM
Author(s): Leonard J. P. Ketelsen
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High-speed monolithic integrated technologies for wavelength division multiplexing and demultiplexing based on VCSELs
Author(s): Julian Cheng; Yuxin Zhou; Kai Yang; Christopher P. Hains
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IR fiber optics development at the Naval Research Laboratory
Author(s): Jasbinder Singh Sanghera; Lynda E. Busse; Viet Q. Nguyen; Reza Mossadegh; Frederic H. Kung; Brian J. Cole; L. Brandon Shaw; Pablo C. Pureza; Robert E. Miklos; Ishwar D. Aggarwal; Yoon-Soo Park
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Rare-earth-doped polymer optical amplifiers
Author(s): Gauri V. Karve; Bipin Bihari; Ray T. Chen
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Three-dimensional planar-integrated optics: a comparative view with free-space optics
Author(s): El-Hang Lee; Seok Ho Song
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Two-dimensional photonic bandgap nanocavity lasers
Author(s): Jeong-Ki Hwang; Han-Youl Ryu; Yong-Hee Lee
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High-performance polyimide waveguide array with micromirror coupler for guided-wave optoelectronic interconnects
Author(s): Yujie Liu; Lei Lin; Chulchae Choi; Ray T. Chen
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Time-domain correlation image sensor: CMOS design and integration of demodulator pixels
Author(s): Akira Kimachi; Shigeru Ando
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Multiply interconnected GaAs/AlGaAs quantum-well p-i-n-i-p-type diodes for high-performance all-optical bistable and oscillation device applications
Author(s): El-Hang Lee
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Semiconductor optical modulators for high-performance analog rf photonic links and signal processing
Author(s): Timothy A. Vang; Elizabeth Twyford Kunkee; David C. Scott; David V. Forbes; Richard L. Davis; Jeff Elliott; John C. Brock; Lawrence J. Lembo
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Design and fabrication of traveling wave electroabsorption modulator
Author(s): Guoliang Li; Dong-Soo Shin; William S. C. Chang; Peter M. Asbeck; Paul K. L. Yu; Chen Kuo Sun; Stephen A. Pappert; Richard Nguyen
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Substrate-guided wave optical true-time-delay feeding network for phased-array antenna steering
Author(s): Bin Li; Yihong Chen; Zhenhai Fu; Ray T. Chen; Suning Tang
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WDM-based 2D multiple beam steering with an acoustically steered and rotated (ASTRO) true-time-delay generator
Author(s): Eung Gi Paek; Yong-Seok Im; Joon Y. Choe; Tae Kwan Oh
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Design of low-noise avalanche photodiodes
Author(s): John P. R. David; Chee Hing Tan; S. A. Plimmer; Graham J. Rees; Richard C. Tozer; Peter N. Robson
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