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Penetrating Radiation Systems and Applications
Editor(s): F. Patrick Doty

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Volume Number: 3769
Date Published: 1 October 1999

Table of Contents
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Safeguards for nuclear material transparency monitoring
Author(s): James K. Wolford Jr.; Duncan W. MacArthur
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Portable gamma-ray transmission system for identification of chemical agents
Author(s): Tim J. Roney; Timothy A. White; Robert J. Pink; Mike Smith; Warren F. Jones
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Gamma-ray camera for arms control applications
Author(s): James F. Morgan; Georgi Ignatyev; Dimitry Semenov; Mikhail Chernov
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Spectroscopic radiation imager for Internet-based safeguards and monitoring
Author(s): Mitchell Woodring; David Souza; Larry Honig; Michael R. Squillante; Gerald Entine
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Development of high-energy neutron imaging for use in NDE applications
Author(s): James M. Hall; Frank Dietrich; Clinton M. Logan; Gregory J. Schmid
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Use of a pulsed laser to study properties of CdZnTe pixel detectors
Author(s): Aleksey E. Bolotnikov; Steven E. Boggs; Walter R. Cook III; Fiona A. Harrison; Steven M. Schindler
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X-ray and gamma-ray spectroscopy with segmented CdZnTe detectors
Author(s): A. Shor; Yossi Eisen; Israel D. Mardor
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Microsatellite gamma-ray spectroscopy experiment
Author(s): G. Asa; Arie Ruzin; Claudio G. Jakobson; Gal Shaviv; Yael Nemirovsky
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Evaluation of the Compton camera method for spectroscopic imaging with ambient-temperature detector technology
Author(s): Jonathan R. D. Earnhart; Thomas H. Prettyman; Kiril D. Ianakiev; Robin P. Gardner
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Position-sensitive scintillation neutron detectors using a crossed-fiber optic readout array
Author(s): Donald P. Hutchinson; Roger K. Richards; David Eugene Holcomb; James A. Ramsey
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Advanced x-ray systems for nondestructive inspection and contraband detection
Author(s): Robert A. Armistead
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Using dynamic radiography to determine the volume of an imploding cylinder
Author(s): Wilfred Lewis; Stuart A. Baker; Carl A. Ekdahl; Yu. Kurapatkin; Hank Oona; P. Rodriguez; Tim Schaefer; D. Turley; L. Vesser; A. Volkov
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Recent developments in electronic radiography at Los Alamos
Author(s): David A. Fry; Thomas N. Claytor; Anthony W. Davis; Martin H. Jones; Matthew J. Sheats; David M. Stupin; Deborah A. Summa; Sarah M. White; Jill Hefele; Scott A. Watson; Todd J. Kauppila; Karl H. Mueller Jr.
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Thermal neutron analysis in unexploded ordnance and mine detection
Author(s): Lisa J. Porter
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Nitrogen camera: detection of antipersonnel mines revisited
Author(s): A. K.A. McEntee; Edward A. Knapp; Robert B. Moler; Anna W. Saunders; W. Peter Trower
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Land mine detection using backscattered x-ray radiography
Author(s): Joseph C. Wehlburg; Jennifer Jacobs; Steve L. Shope; Grant J. Lockwood; Michael M. Selph
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High rate counting electronics for a thermal neutron analysis land mine detector
Author(s): Edward T. H. Clifford; Harry Ing; John E. McFee; Thomas Cousins
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Portable system for nuclear, chemical agent, and explosives identification
Author(s): Winifred E. Parker; W. M. Buckley; S. A. Kreek; A. J. Caffrey; George J. Mauger; Anthony D. Lavietes; Arden D. Dougan
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Elemental online coal analysis using pulsed neutrons
Author(s): Michael D. Belbot; George Vourvopoulos; Phillip C. Womble; Jonathon Paschal
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Moisture logging in cased boreholes using capture gamma-ray spectroscopy
Author(s): Robert D. Wilson; Russell R. Randall; James E. Meisner; Jason L. Boles; Kent D. Reynolds
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Multielement analysis utilizing pulsed fast/thermal neutron analysis for contraband detection
Author(s): Phillip C. Womble; George Vourvopoulos; Jonathon Paschal; P. A. Dokhale
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Radiation detection in a marine environment
Author(s): George J. Mauger; Winifred E. Parker; Anthony D. Lavietes; B. B. Bandong; Allen V. Friensehner; R. G. Lanier; Klaus E. Raschke
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Recent advances in mercuric iodide detector fabrication and instrument development
Author(s): Lodewijk Van den Berg; Steven W. Pauly
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Fast-neutron personal real-time dosemeter for mixed neutron and gamma fields
Author(s): Monique Jung; Claude Teissier; Paul Siffert
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Medical applications of neutron inelastic scattering
Author(s): Joseph J. Kehayias; Anathea Banuk-Waitekus; Silvia Valtuena; Charles A. Sheahan
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Process monitoring and control with CHEMIN, a miniaturized CCD-based instrument for simultaneous XRD/XRF analysis
Author(s): David T. Vaniman; D. Bish; G. Guthrie; S. Chipera; David E. Blake; S. Andy Collins; S. T. Elliott; P. Sarrazin
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First test results from a high-resolution CdZnTe pixel detector with VLSI readout
Author(s): Walter R. Cook III; Steven E. Boggs; Aleksey E. Bolotnikov; Jill A. Burnham; Fiona A. Harrison; Branislav Kecman; Brian Matthews; Steven M. Schindler; Michael Fitzsimmons
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