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Photon Propagation in Tissues IV

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Volume Number: 3566
Date Published: 30 December 1998

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Effect of a nonscattering layer on time-resolved photon migration paths
Author(s): Eiji Okada; David T. Delpy
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Comparison of sampling methods for time and frequency domain signals in Monte Carlo simulations of light migration in turbid material
Author(s): Markus E. Testorf; Ulf L. Oesterberg; Brian W. Pogue; Keith D. Paulsen
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Monte Carlo prediction of mean-time photon measurement density functions
Author(s): Muneo Ono; Eiji Okada
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Frequency domain Monte Carlo prediction of light propagation in scattering bodies with clear region
Author(s): Isamu Momose; Eiji Okada
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Simulation of the real-time optical tomography reconstruction using photon trajectory application to the case of strongly scattering media
Author(s): Vladimir V. Lyubimov; Olga V. Kravtsenyuk; Oleg V. Lyamtsev; Evgeny P. Mironov; Alexander G. Murzin; Peter L. Volegov; Lyudmila M. Yavorskaya
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Exact description of the photon migration in anisotropically scattering media
Author(s): Viktor N. Fomenko; Filipp M. Shvarts; Michael A. Shvarts
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Photon trajectory in strongly scattering media transilluminated by the sine-modulated laser radiation
Author(s): Vladimir V. Lyubimov; Olga V. Kravtsenyuk; V. A. Skotnikov; Vladimir B. Volkonski
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Reflectance tomography of two-layered turbid media with diffuse photon-density waves
Author(s): Thorsten Spott; Lars Othar Svaasand; Joshua B. Fishkin; Tuan H. Pham; Bruce J. Tromberg
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Application of parallel computing to a Monte Carlo code for photon transport in turbid media
Author(s): Alberto Colasanti; Giovanni Guida; Annamaria Kisslinger; Raffaele Liuzzi; Maria Quarto; Patrizia Riccio; Giuseppe Roberti; Fulvia Villani
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Testing near-infrared spectrophotometry using a liquid neonatal head phantom
Author(s): Martin Wolf; Oskar Baenziger; Matthias Keel; Vera Dietz M.D.; Kurt von Siebenthal M.D.; Hans Ulrich Bucher M.D.
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Measurement of in-vivo hemoglobin concentration using diffuse reflectance
Author(s): Ashley D. Hunter; John A. Crowe; John G. Walker
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Dual-wavelength multichannel system for time-resolved oximetry
Author(s): Alessandro Torricelli; Rinaldo Cubeddu; Antonio Pifferi; Paola Taroni; Gianluca Valentini
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Multivariate spectral analysis of the beat-to-beat sampled cortical NIRS signals and the heart-rate variability
Author(s): J. Scholz; Matthias Kohl-Bareis; Christian Nolte; Carsten Hennig; Arno Villringer M.D.
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Episodes of apnea and bradycardia in the preterm newborn: impact on cerebral oxygenation measured by near-infrared spectrophotometry
Author(s): Sabine Van Huffel; Johan Craemers; Bart Lenaerts; Hans Daniels; Gunnar Naulaers; Paul Casaer
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In-vivo characterization of tissue efflux rates of cyanine dyes by near-infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Kai Licha; Vasilis Ntziachristos; Bjoern Riefke; Andreas Becker; Britton Chance; Wolfhard Semmler
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Imaging of cutaneous blood vessels using photoacoustic tissue scanning (PATS)
Author(s): Christoph G.A. Hoelen; Frits F. M. de Mul
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Light-scattering properties of bovine muscle tissue in vitro: a comparison of methods
Author(s): Jaap R. Zijp; Jaap J. ten Bosch
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Two- and three-dimensional optical tomography of finger joints for diagnostics of rheumatoid arthritis
Author(s): Alexander D. Klose; Andreas H. Hielscher; Kenneth M. Hanson; Juergen Beuthan
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Coherent and noncoherent light transport in living tissues impregnated by endogenous or exogenous fluids and gels
Author(s): Valery V. Tuchin
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Ultrasound-marked photons' paths in scattering media: a multiplexed signal processing approach
Author(s): Sandrine Leveque; Albert Claude Boccara; Martial Lebec; Herve Saint-Jalmes
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Follow-up in patients with subdural haematomas using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)
Author(s): Hans-Juergen Hennes; Barbel Richter; Carsten Lott; Wolfgang Dick; Stephan Boor; Daniel F. Hanley
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Clinical applications of frequency-domain optical mammography
Author(s): Sergio Fantini; Oliver Schuetz; Julian Edler; Sylvia Heywang-Koebrunner; Linda Goetz; Maria-Angela Franceschini; Horst Siebold
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Calculation of local optical properties in highly scattering media using a-priori structural information for application to simultaneous NIR-MR breast examination
Author(s): Vasilis Ntziachristos; Arjun G. Yodh; Mitchell D. Schnall; XuHui Ma; Britton Chance
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CW imager and image characteristics analysis
Author(s): Qingming Luo; Shaoqun Zeng; Hui Gong; Weiguo Chen; Zhi Zhang; Britton Chance
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Image reconstruction for optical tomography using photon density waves
Author(s): Reem Khalaf; Pieter van der Zee; Laurence C. W. Dixon; Alan Davies
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Effect of refractive index and calibration factor on image reconstruction in optical tomography
Author(s): Pieter van der Zee; Reem Khalaf; Laurence C. W. Dixon; Alan Davies
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In-vivo absorption and scattering spectra of human tissues by time-resolved reflectance
Author(s): Antonio Pifferi; Rinaldo Cubeddu; Paola Taroni; Alessandro Torricelli; Gianluca Valentini
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Transillumination of breast phantoms using diffuse photon density waves
Author(s): Laure Montandon; Daniel Salzmann; Frederic P. Bevilacqua; Christian D. Depeursinge
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