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Nondestructive Evaluation of Utilities and Pipelines
Editor(s): Martin Prager; Richard M. Tilley

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Volume Number: 2947
Date Published: 14 November 1996

Table of Contents
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NDE for utilities: maintaining reliability in a competitive environment
Author(s): Richard M. Tilley; Colin R. Brett
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Interaction of NDE strategies with material performance knowledge in fitness for service and life assessment programs
Author(s): Martin Prager; L. Kaley
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NDE in the refining industry: developments and needs
Author(s): Frank T. Furillo; Al E. Wehrmeister; H. Alan Wolf
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NDE for management of aging infrasturcture at the Savannah River Site
Author(s): C. David Cowfer; Richard Ostrowski
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Progress toward regulatory acceptance of risk-informed inspection programs for nuclear power plants
Author(s): Owen F. Hedden; C. David Cowfer
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Fully quantitative predictive maintenance/inspection planning optimization for the utility/plant components
Author(s): David A. Mauney
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Risk-based inspection of pressurizer surge lines
Author(s): Nitin J. Shah; Keshab K. Dwivedy
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Concerns about seam-welded piping at elevated temperatures
Author(s): Jude R. Foulds; R. Viswanathan; Richard M. Tilley
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Experience evaluating NDE methods and personnel for detection and characterization of damage to high-temperature piping
Author(s): Martin Prager; Dennis Sullivan; Laney H. Bisbee
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Longitudinal seam weld characterization by focused ultrasonics
Author(s): Laney H. Bisbee; Lawrence Nottingham
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Evaluation of oil and gas pipelines bedded in rivers
Author(s): Valery M. Petoukhov; Rishad A. Akhtiamov; Oleg G. Morozov
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Detection of cracks under cladding using magneto-optic imaging and rotating in-plane magnetization
Author(s): Gerald L. Fitzpatrick; Richard L. Skaugset; David K. Thome; William C.L. Shih
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Acoustic emission for detection of process-related damage in pressure vessels and piping
Author(s): Martin Peacock
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Acoustic emission monitoring for inspection of seam-welded hot reheat piping in fossil power plants
Author(s): John M. Rodgers; Bryan C. Morgan; Richard M. Tilley
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Planning and interpreting AE experiments to monitor crack growth at elevated temperatures
Author(s): Martin Prager
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Optical pipe-scanning system for sewers: RODIAS
Author(s): Wolfram Kaempfer; Wolfgang Ziehl
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In-situ ultrasonic thickness measurement of underground water mains
Author(s): Martin Viens; Daniel Levesque; Cheng-Kuei Jen; Harold Hebert
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Magnetic measurement of creep damage: modeling and measurement
Author(s): Martin J. Sablik; David C. Jiles
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Guided wave inspection of chemical plant pipework
Author(s): D. N. Alleyne; A. M. Lank; P. J. Mudge; Michael J. S. Lowe; Peter Cawley
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Method for NDE of thermal embrittlement of duplex stainless steels
Author(s): Toru Goto; Takesi Naito; Shintaro Kumano
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Use of ultrasonic arrays for piping inspection
Author(s): Robert S. Frankle
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Guided UT wave inspection of insulated feedwater piping using magnetostrictive sensors
Author(s): J. W. Brophy; Colin R. Brett
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Validation of a pulsed eddy current system for measuring wall thinning through insulation
Author(s): Colin R. Brett; Jan A. de Raad
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Comparative study on two types of mode-sensitive neural networks for damage assessment
Author(s): Jose M. Gutierrez; Carlos M. Ferregut; Roberto A. Osegueda
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Classification of eddy current signals using fuzzy logic and neural networks
Author(s): Hartmut Ewald; Michael Stieper
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Embeddable-sensor monitoring strategies for the infrastructure
Author(s): Richard A. Livingston
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Quantitative safety analysis using fracture mechanics and ultrasonic stress measurements
Author(s): Al V. Clark; Ted L. Anderson; Margarit G. Lozev; P. A. Fuchs
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Evaluating technology for marine inspectors
Author(s): Kurt A. Hansen
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Origin and evolution of NDE reference standards
Author(s): Kermit Skeie; Henry J. Ridder
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Prediction of crack generation
Author(s): Kiyoshi Taniuchi; Jun Onodera; Jiro Onoue
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