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Microlithography and Metrology in Micromachining
Editor(s): Michael T. Postek

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Volume Number: 2640
Date Published: 26 September 1995

Table of Contents
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Overview of the miniaturization technologies
Author(s): Robert O'Neil Warrington Jr.
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Generic technology, measurement, and standards issues in micromachining and microfabrication
Author(s): Dennis A. Swyt
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Microanalysis to nanoanalysis: analytical techniques for chemical characterization of micrometer- to nanometer-scale structures
Author(s): Dale E. Newbury
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X-ray microlithography exposure system for high aspect ratio micromachining
Author(s): Yuli Vladimirsky; Kevin J. Morris; J. Michael Klopf; Olga Vladimirsky; Volker Saile
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Micromechanical cantilevers and scanning probe microscopes
Author(s): Scott A. Miller; Yang Xu; Noel C. MacDonald
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Optical methods for characterization of MEMS device motion
Author(s): Phyllis R. Nelson; Patrick B. Chu; Kristofer S. J. Pister
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Microfabrication of channel electron multipliers
Author(s): G. William Tasker; Scott T. Bentley; Steven M. Shank; Robert J. Soave; Alan M. Then
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E-beam lithography: a suitable technology for fabrication of high-accuracy 2D and 3D surface profiles
Author(s): Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Bernd Schnabel
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1/N Feynman machines as a path to ultraminiaturization?
Author(s): E. Clayton Teague
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Challenge of automotive sensors
Author(s): Joseph M. Giachino; Thomas J. Miree
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FIB 601 focused ion beam fabrication of micron-sized apertures for the NASA AXAF x-ray telescope prelaunch calibration
Author(s): Eugene Y. Tsiang; Edwin M. Kellogg; Don Porterfield
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Very high aspect ratio wafer-free silicon micromechanical structures
Author(s): Ali Jazairy; Noel C. MacDonald
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Process optimization of single-coat positive photoresist for thick film applications
Author(s): Alan E. Kozlowski
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Design and fabrication of micromachined electron guns (MEGs) usinga multiple-level planar tungsten process
Author(s): Wolfgang Hofmann; Liang-Yuh Chen; Noel C. MacDonald
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Application of the prototype NIST SRM 2090A SEM magnification standard in a manufacturing environment
Author(s): Brian L. Newell; Michael T. Postek; Jan P. van der Ziel
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Fabrication and testing of microchannel heat exchangers
Author(s): Judith M. Cuta; Wendy D. Bennett; Carolyn Evans McDonald; T. S. Ravigururajan
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Rapid fabrication of molds by mechanical micromilling: process development
Author(s): Craig R. Friedrich; Bharath Kikkeri
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Integrated optical bench for a CO2 gas sensor
Author(s): Yohannes M. Desta; Michael C. Murphy; Marc J. Madou; John W. Hines
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Low-temperature process for very high aspect ratio silicon microstructures using SOG etch mask
Author(s): X. Trent Huang; Liang-Yuh Chen; Noel C. MacDonald
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Thin metal film thermal microsensors
Author(s): Yuli Vladimirsky; N. Rau; Harish M. Manohara; Kevin J. Morris; J. Michael Klopf; Gina M. Calderon; Olga Vladimirsky
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Three-dimensional functional integration in silicon using confined selective epitaxial growth
Author(s): Marian Bartek; Paul T. J. Gennissen; Reinoud F. Wolffenbuttel
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Fabrication of miniaturized electrostatic deflectors using LIGA
Author(s): Keith H. Jackson; Chantal G. Khan Malek; Lawrence P. Murray; William D. Bonivert; Jill M. Hruby; John T. Hachman; T. H.J. Chang
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Fabricating subcollimating grids for an x-ray solar imaging spectrometer using LIGA techniques
Author(s): Reid A. Brennen; Michael H. Hecht; Dean V. Wiberg; Steven Manion; William D. Bonivert; Jill M. Hruby; Marcus L. Scholz; Timothy D. Stowe; Thomas W. Kenny; Keith H. Jackson; Chantal G. Khan Malek
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Fine pitch grids for an x-ray solar imaging spectrometer fabricated by optical lithography and XeF2 etching
Author(s): Reid A. Brennen; Michael H. Hecht; Dean V. Wiberg; Steven Manion; William D. Bonivert; Jill M. Hruby; Kristofer S. J. Pister; Ezekiel J. Kruglick
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Effects of doping on the dynamic mechanical response of semiconductor cantilevers to electrostatic forces
Author(s): Albert K. Henning
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Projection displays and MEMS: timely convergence for a bright future
Author(s): Larry J. Hornbeck
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Recent trends in silicon micromachining technology
Author(s): John H. Jerman
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