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Scanning Probe Microscopies III
Editor(s): Mehdi Vaez-Iravani

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Volume Number: 2384
Date Published: 30 March 1995

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Probing the forces between complementary strands of DNA with the atomic force microscope
Author(s): Vincent T. Moy; Ernst-Ludwig Florin; Matthias Rief; Horst Lehmann; Markus Ludwig; Hermann E. Gaub; Klaus Dornmair
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Scanning force microscopy study of native and linker histone-depleted chromatin fibers
Author(s): Guoliang Yang; Sanford S. Leuba; Carlos J. Bustamante; Kensal van Holde; Jordanka Zlatanova
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Role of the structural domains of linker histones and histone H3 in the chromatin fiber structure at low-ionic strength: scanning force microscopy (SFM) studies on partially trypsinized chromatin
Author(s): Jordanka Zlatanova; Sanford S. Leuba; Carlos J. Bustamante; Kensal van Holde
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Extended chromatin fibers: evidence from scanning force microscopy studies
Author(s): Sanford S. Leuba; Guoliang Yang; Charles Robert; Kensal van Holde; Jordanka Zlatanova; Carlos J. Bustamante
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Morphological changes of wrasse sperm axoneme after their motility initiation observed with use of atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Hideaki Shimizu; Toshikazu Majima; Hiroyuki Takai; Kazuo Inaba; Toshihisa Tomie
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Imaging experiments of biosamples by a photon scanning tunneling microscope with an apertured probe
Author(s): Masayuki Naya; Shuji Mononobe; Rajagopalan Uma Maheswari; Toshiharu Saiki; Motoichi Ohtsu
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Left and right topography of F-actin filaments
Author(s): Leda Chang; Fransiska S. Franke; Paula Flicker; David Keller
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Ultrafast time resolution in scanning tunneling microscopy
Author(s): Geoffrey Nunes Jr.; Mark R. Freeman
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Fluorescence scanning near-field optical microscopy (FSNOM) by measuring the decay time of a fluorescent particle
Author(s): Dominique Barchiesi; Thierry Pagnot; Christian Pieralli; Daniel Van Labeke
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Time-resolved contrast in near-field scanning optical microscopy of semiconductors
Author(s): Andres H. La Rosa; Catherine L. Jahncke; Hans D. Hallen
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Near-field optical properties of tapered fiber tips
Author(s): Railing Chang; Jyh-Yang Wang; Wunshain S. Fann
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Peculiarities of light action on surface in nano-optics
Author(s): Vera V. Kurpas; Mikhail N. Libenson; George A. Martsinovsky
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Laser heat-up of near-field probe tip
Author(s): Vera V. Kurpas; Mikhail N. Libenson; George A. Martsinovsky
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Imaging adhesion forces on proteins with the atomic force microscope
Author(s): Manfred Radmacher; Monika Fritz; Miriam W. Allersma; Christoph F. Schmidt; Paul K. Hansma
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Tungsten diselenide as a substrate for the imaging of liquid crystals by scanning tunneling microscopy
Author(s): David L. Sampson; B. A. Parkinson
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Imaging microtubules in buffer solution using tapping mode atomic force microscopy
Author(s): Monika Fritz; Manfred Radmacher; Miriam W. Allersma; Jason P. Cleveland; Russell J. Stewart; Paul K. Hansma; Christoph F. Schmidt
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Conjugated polymer studies by near-field scanning optical microscope
Author(s): Wunshain S. Fann; Pei-Kuen Wei; Jui-Hung Hsu; Bing R. Hsieh; Kuen-Ru Chuang; Shaw-An Chen
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Near-field microscopy of thin films: application to polymeric structures
Author(s): Mehdi Vaez-Iravani; Ricardo Toledo-Crow; Harald Ade; R. Spontak
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Method to increase brightness of the tapered fiber probe for scanning near-field optical microscope
Author(s): Pei-Kuen Wei; Wunshain S. Fann
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Evanescent photon capture by atomic force microscope (AFM) tips
Author(s): Michel Castagne; Christel Prioleau; Jean-Pierre Fillard; E. Baudry
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Subwavelength imaging of an etched fiber with an intracore Bragg grating by apertured photon scanning tunneling microscope
Author(s): Din Ping Tsai; Yueh Liang Chung; Andreas Othonos
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Use of near-field microscopy to analyze the field behavior inside a Fabry-Perot cavity: experiments and theory
Author(s): Daniel A. Courjon; Fadi Baida; Claudine Bainier; Christian Girard; Alain Dereux
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Method to measure the actual vibrational amplitude of the tip in shear force microscope
Author(s): Chih-Chun Wei; Yuan-Chuan Lien; Wunshain S. Fann
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Application of scanning force microscopy and near-field optical microscopy to liquid crystalline systems: observing free surfaces, smectic structural forces, and molecular orientation
Author(s): Ricky L. Williamson; M. Rivera; Mervyn J. Miles; K. D. Jandt
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