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Laser Diodes and Applications
Editor(s): Kurt J. Linden; Prasad R. Akkapeddi

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Volume Number: 2382
Date Published: 28 April 1995

Table of Contents
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Advances in high average power long life laser diode pump array architectures
Author(s): James M. Haden; John G. Endriz; Masamichi Sakamoto; David Dawson-Elli; Gerald S. Browder Jr.; Kenneth Anderson; David C. Mundinger; D. Philip Worland; Edmund L. Wolak; Donald R. Scifres
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Stacked arrays as pumping modules for high-power cw Nd:YAG lasers
Author(s): Thomas Brand; F. Hollinger
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Failure mechanisms of high-temperature semiconductor lasers
Author(s): David H. Leicester
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Optical characterization of passivation for high-power AlxGa1-xAs-based lasers
Author(s): Ivoil P. Koutzarov; Harry E. Ruda; Chandima D. Edirisinghe; Lech Z. Jedral; Qiang Liu; Alan H. Moore; Richard Henderson; Marcel G. Boudreau; Mohamed Boumerzoug; Peter Mascher
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High-power coherent phased array of monolithic flared amplifier-master oscillator power amplifiers (MFA-MOPAs)
Author(s): Jules S. Osinski; David G. Mehuys; David F. Welch; Kenneth M. Dzurko; Robert J. Lang
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Coherent array of 900 semiconductor laser amplifiers
Author(s): Joseph L. Levy; Kun Roh
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Commercial applications of high-powered laser diodes
Author(s): David L. Cunningham; Richard D. Jacobs
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High-power diode lasers and their direct industrial applications
Author(s): Peter Loosen; Hans-Georg Treusch; C. R. Haas; U. Gardenier; Manfred Weck; V. Sinnhoff; S. Kasperowski; R. vor dem Esche
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Portable battery-operated 10-W diode laser system
Author(s): David Benenati; Julie Wu; Richard J. Fu; Douglas Bull
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Compact diode array laser systems
Author(s): James Z. Holtz; Robert E. Grove
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New diode wavelengths for pumping solid state lasers
Author(s): Jay A. Skidmore; Mark A. Emanuel; Raymond J. Beach; Barry L. Freitas; Nils W. Carlson; Christopher D. Marshall; William J. Benett; Richard W. Solarz; David P. Bour; David W. Treat
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High-coupled-power 0.98-um narrow-beam laser diodes
Author(s): Etsuji Omura; Akihiro Shima; Akira Takemoto; Yasuhiro Kunitsugu; Motoharu Miyashita; S. Karakida; T. Kamizato; Akihiro Adachi; Yasuaki Yoshida; Mutuyuki Otsubo
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Polarization characteristics, control, and modulation of vertical-cavity surface emitting lasers
Author(s): Kent D. Choquette; Kevin L. Lear; Richard P. Schneider Jr.; Ronald E. Leibenguth; Jeffrey J. Figiel; Sean P. Kilcoyne; Mary Hagerott Crawford; John C. Zolper
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Single-mode high-power lasers emitting at 980 nm
Author(s): Niloy K. Dutta; William S. Hobson; John Lopata; E. Fred Schubert; M. Passlack
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Temperature-dependent behavior of 980-nm strained quantum well lasers
Author(s): Rashit F. Nabiev; Edward C. Vail; Constance J. Chang-Hasnain
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High-power single-mode antiresonant reflecting optical waveguide-type diode lasers
Author(s): Luke J. Mawst
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Modeling broad-area DBR/DFB lasers
Author(s): Gregory C. Dente
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Analysis of white optical and electrical noises of a DFB laser with optical feedback
Author(s): Philippe Signoret; Bernard Pierre Orsal; Jean-Marie Peransin; Robert M. Alabedra
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Single-mode distributed-feedback GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well lasers for laser absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Nancy A. Morris; John C. Connolly; Ramon U. Martinelli; Joseph H. Abeles; David E. Cooper; Clinton B. Carlisle; Haris Riris; Anthony L. Cook
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Application of DFB lasers with individually chirped gratings
Author(s): Hartmut Hillmer; Stefan Hansmann; Herbert Burkhard; A. Grabmaier; E. Kuphal
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Frequency domain measurements for laser diagnostics of microwave transistors
Author(s): Garif G. Akchurin; Andrew Yu. Ognishchev
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High-power long-wavelength large optical cavity (LOC) laser diodes
Author(s): Ronghui Li; Jingchang Zhong; Baoren Zhu; Yingjie Zhao; Yi Qu
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GaSb-based mid-infrared quantum well diode lasers
Author(s): Hong K. Choi; George W. Turner
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Pulsed anodization technique for fabricating GaSb-based lasers
Author(s): Craig C. Largent; Michael J. Grove; Peter S. Zory; Hong K. Choi; George W. Turner
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High-power diode-pumped mid-infrared semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Han Q. Le; George W. Turner; Hong K. Choi; Juan R. Ochoa; Antonio Sanchez; Jose M. Arias; Majid Zandian; Ricardo R. Zucca; Yet Zen Liu
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Low-power high-speed vertical cavity lasers for dense array applications
Author(s): Jeff W. Scott; Brian Thibeault; Matthew G. Peters; D. Bruce Young; Larry A. Coldren
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Nonlinear mode interaction in ridge waveguide diode lasers
Author(s): Edward U. Rafailov; V. B. Khalfin; Daniil A. Livshits; Dmitriy N. Marinskiy; P. V. Studenkov; Alexei S. Trifonov; Konstantin I. Urikh
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M-ary ASK coherent detection systems employing photonic amplifiers
Author(s): Fatima N. Farokhrooz; Hussain Arbab Tafti; J. P. Raina
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InGaAsSb/AlGaAsSb mid-infrared diode lasers for gas sensing
Author(s): Ramon U. Martinelli; Dmitri Z. Garbuzov; Hao Lee; Pamela K. York; Raymond J. Menna; John C. Connolly; S. Yegna Narayan
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Mid-infrared semiconductor lasers with GaInSb/InAs type-II superlattices
Author(s): Alan R. Kost; David H. Chow; Tom C. Hasenberg; Richard H. Miles; L. West
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New concept of single-mode resonator for distributed feedback semiconductor and fiber lasers
Author(s): Vladimir N. Seminogov; Alexander I. Khudobenko; Vladislav Ya. Panchenko; Victor I. Sokolov
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