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Ultraviolet Technology V
Editor(s): Robert E. Huffman; Christos G. Stergis

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Volume Number: 2282
Date Published: 14 September 1994

Table of Contents
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Advances in long-life industrial UV curing lamps
Author(s): Richard W. Stowe
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Air and water cooling of ultraviolet curing systems for industrial applications
Author(s): James B. McCusker
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Recent results in diamond UV detector research
Author(s): Mike Marchywka; Steven C. Binari; Pehr E. Pehrsson; J. Daniel Moses
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Silicon photodiodes with integrated thin-film filters for selective bandpasses in the extreme ultraviolet
Author(s): L. Randall Canfield; Robert E. Vest; Thomas N. Woods; Raj S. Korde
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Laser vacuum ultraviolet single photon ionization probing of III-V semiconductor growth
Author(s): Sean M. Casey; April L. Alstrin; Adina K. Kunz; Stephen R. Leone
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Novel material for visible-blind UV detectors
Author(s): Mira Misra; Chris Zhou; Paul R. Bennett; Michael R. Squillante; Frank I. Ahmed
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Beamsplitters for VUV Fourier transform spectroscopy
Author(s): Anne P. Thorne; Geoff Cox; Peter L. Smith; William H. Parkinson
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Fabry-Perot techniques for observation of diffuse atmospheric sources
Author(s): Ted B. Williams
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Proposed UV-laser-source-excited high-resolution and high-count-rate time-of-flight photoelectron energy analyzer for solid state samples
Author(s): Aleksander S. Aleksandrovsky; Vitaly V. Slabko
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UV-sensitive microchannel plate photomultiplier tube using multilayer ceramic body technology
Author(s): C. Bruce Johnson; K. D. Wheeler; Mike J. Iosue
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Optical calibration of the special sensor ultraviolet limb imager (SSULI)
Author(s): Stefan E. Thonnard; Steven N. Osterman; Robert P. McCoy; J. Z. Williams; Kenneth F. Dymond; Nelson J. Ferragut; M. A. Doerner; S. E. Parker
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Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) and FUV calibration facility for special sensor ultraviolet limb imager (SSULI)
Author(s): Craig Nelson Boyer; Steven N. Osterman; Stefan E. Thonnard; Robert P. McCoy; J. Z. Williams; S. E. Parker
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Ultraviolet (UV)/visible absorption spectroscopy for atmospheric pollution measurements
Author(s): Christos G. Stergis
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Recent advances in atmospheric ultraviolet remote sensing
Author(s): Robert E. Huffman
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Satellite ATON: remote sensing of solar and thermospheric EUV radiations
Author(s): Gerhard Schmidtke; E. Neske; Helmut Becker-Ross; Stefan Florek; H. Fahr; M. Roemer; N. Jakowski; D. Klaehn; Y. D. Kotov; Gerhard Kraemer; M. Paetzold; Norbert Manfred Pailer; K. Pflug
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Imaging camera of spectrum-UV: a status report
Author(s): Andrea Baruffolo; Riccardo U. Claudi; Renato Falomo; Roberto Ragazzoni
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Preliminary optical design for Plures and Rosetta
Author(s): Roberto Ragazzoni; Giampiero Naletto; M. Turatto; Enrico Marchetti
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Photometric calibrations of the AFP-675 far-ultraviolet cameras experiment
Author(s): George R. Carruthers; Brian C. Dohne; Kevin K. Shephard; Susan A. Christe Reeb; Edward G. Schmidt
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Measurement of atmospheric ultraviolet radiation from a low-Earth orbit satellite
Author(s): Sam Clegg; Richard W. Eastes; Michael E. Gangl; John H. Middlestadt
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Short wavelength terrestrial backgrounds clutter experiment
Author(s): David G. Kupperman; Patricia K. Murphy; Robert D. Sears
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Backgrounds Data Center
Author(s): William A. Snyder; Herbert Gursky; Harry M. Heckathorn; Bob L. Lucke; Bryan N. Dorland; R. A. Kessel; S. L. Berg; E. G. Dombrowski
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Optical backgrounds prediction and analysis codes (OBPAC): a software package for modeling of space-borne optical sensor data
Author(s): James E. Bishop; Douglas J. Strickland; Carolyn Biczel; Robin J. Cox; Donald E. Anderson Jr.; Gerald J. Romick
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Quantitative interpretation of single-scan auroral limb data
Author(s): J. Scott Evans; Douglas J. Strickland
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Continued development of radiance models and imaging software for the reduction, analysis, and visualization of space-based UV imaging data
Author(s): Robin J. Cox; Douglas J. Strickland; J. Scott Evans; K. C. Wright; Larry J. Paxton
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Strategy for solar-ultraviolet instrument comparisons
Author(s): Edward A. Early; James Walker; Ambler E. Thompson
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Australian radiation laboratory (ARL) solar-UVR measurement network: calibation and results
Author(s): H. Peter Gies; Colin R. Roy; S. Toomey; D. W. Tomlinson
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Detectivity of a UV-B photodiode
Author(s): Joseph C. Larrabee; V. C. Baisley; Robert E. Huffman; Robert D. Meade; John D. Joannopoulos
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Solar UV-B spectroradiometers for field installations
Author(s): Jack A. McKay; Michael E. Gangl; John H. Middlestadt; Albert Jeffrey Hill
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Comparisons of UV spectral radiance calibrations of SBUV/2 type ozone monitoring instruments and traceability to NIST
Author(s): Donald F. Heath; Zongying Wei; William K. Fowler; V. Wayne Nelson; James J. Butler; Ernest Hilsenrath
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Test and evaluation of the space telescope imaging spectrograph (STIS) engineering model units of the MAMA detectors
Author(s): Charles L. Joseph; Vic S. Argabright; Richard L. Bybee; Anthony C. Danks; Bruce E. Woodgate
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CCD detector for the space telescope imaging spectrograph
Author(s): Randy A. Kimble; Lawrence M. Brown; Walter B. Fowler; Bruce E. Woodgate; J. J. Yagelowich; Morley M. Blouke; Taner Dosluoglu; Jon J. Ferrara; David A. Dorn; Thomas H. Ebben; Debbie Murata-Seawalt; R. Ortiz; Richard Reed; Thomas Wolfe
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