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Medical Imaging 1994: Physiology and Function from Multidimensional Images
Editor(s): Eric A. Hoffman; Raj S. Acharya

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Volume Number: 2168
Date Published: 1 May 1994

Table of Contents
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Scan timing considerations in indicator dilution analysis of dynamic CT image sequences
Author(s): Erik Leo Ritman M.D.
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Automated detection of wall and plaque borders in intravascular ultrasound images
Author(s): Milan Sonka; Xiangmin Zhang; Maria Siebes; Ramakrishna R. Chada; Charles R. McKay M.D.; Steve M. Collins
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Feasibility of quantitative texture analysis of cardiac magnetic resonance imagery: preliminary results
Author(s): Steven R. Fleagle; William Stanford; Trudy Burns; David J. Skorton
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Biomechanical characterization of blood vessel and plaque from intravascular ultrasound images
Author(s): Maria Siebes; Ramakrishna R. Chada; Xiangmin Zhang; Milan Sonka; Charles R. McKay M.D.; Steve M. Collins
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System for quantitative analysis of coronary calcification via electron-beam computed tomography
Author(s): Judd E. Reed; John A. Rumberger; Patrick J. Davitt; R. B. Kaufman; Patrick F. Sheedy II
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Geometric instability of ultrafast computed tomographic coronary calcium scores due to gray-scale nonuniformities
Author(s): Herrick Wun; Robert Detrano; Xingping Kang; Paiboon Mahaisavariya; Sharon Nickerson; Sabee Y. Molloi
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Effects of particle size, slice thickness, and reconstruction algorithm on coronary calcium quantitation using ultrafast computed tomography
Author(s): Weiyi Tang; Robert Detrano; Xingping Kang; D. Garner; Sharon Nickerson; P. Desimone; Paiboon Mahaisavariya; B. Brundage
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Knowledge-based segmentation of intrathoracic airways from multidimensional high-resolution CT images
Author(s): Milan Sonka; Gopal Sundaramoorthy; Eric A. Hoffman
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Knowledge-based intrathoracic airway tree segmentation: physical and computer-model-based validation
Author(s): G. Sundaramoorthy; E. A. Hoffman; J. D. Hoford; T. Mitsa; J. Qian; M. Sonka
Multidimensional cardiac imaging in retrospect
Author(s): Erik Leo Ritman M.D.
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Development and application of image processing, data processing, database, and data query tools to study post-infarction cardiac remodeling in man
Author(s): John A. Rumberger; Judd E. Reed; Thomas Behrenbeck; Patrick J. Davitt; Patrick F. Sheedy II
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Dynamic 3D reconstructions of the heart wall from tomographic imaging
Author(s): Joerg Lange; Alexander von Smekal
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Toward reliable, noninvasive measurement of myocardial function from 4D images
Author(s): James S. Duncan; Peng-Cheng Shi; Amir A. Amimi; R. Todd Constable; Lawrence H. Staib; Donald Dione; QingXin Shi; Elliot K. Heller; Michael Singer; Amit Chakraborty; Glynn P. Robinson; John C. Gore; Albert J. Sinusas
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Extent of left ventricular systolic dysfunction during acute coronary occlusion is load dependent
Author(s): Robert M. Weiss M.D.
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Anatomical delineation of congenital heart disease using 3D magnetic resonance imaging
Author(s): Renee Adams Bornemeier; Kenneth E. Fellows; Mark A. Fogel; Paul M. Weinberg
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Evaluation of ventricular geometry and performance in congenital heart disease utilizing magnetic resonance imaging
Author(s): Mark A. Fogel
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Utilizing fuzzy c-Shells for automatic approximate LV location for initialization of myocardial structure and function analysis algorthms
Author(s): Hsiao-Kun Tu; Dmitry B. Goldgof; Eric Backer
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Image registration issues in the analysis of multiple injection 15OH2O PET studies: BRAINFIT
Author(s): Ted Cizadlo; Nancy C. Andreasen M.D.; Gene Zeien; Rajaprabhakaran Rajarethinam; Greg Harris; Daniel S. O'Leary; Victor Swayze; Stephan Arndt; Richard D. Hichwa; James C. Ehrhardt; William T. C. Yuh
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Combined MRI-EEG techniques for correlation of anatomy and function in human somatosensory cortex
Author(s): James P. Boyle; Edward F. Kelly
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Multimodality fusion of physiological images using regularization theory and deformable models
Author(s): Jagath C. Rajapakse; Richard M. Wasserman; Raj S. Acharya
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Using principal component analysis to visualize the spatial distribution of functional areas of the brain as studied with MRI during motor and sensory activation
Author(s): Finn Pedersen; Ewert W. Bengtsson; Tomas Hindmarsh; Bo Nordell; Hans Forssberg
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Absolute volumetric blood flow quantification in rabbit brain using digital subtraction angiography
Author(s): Atila Ersahin; Sabee Y. Molloi; James W. Hicks; Yao-Jin Qian
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Functional MRI of the human brain at 1.5 T during auditory, somatosensory, and visual stimulation
Author(s): Manbir Singh
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Knowledge-based factor analysis of multidimensional nuclear medicine image sequences
Author(s): Jeffrey T. Yap; Chin-Tu Chen; Malcolm Cooper; Jon D. Treffert
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Visualizing patterns of neurological disease progression with PET
Author(s): Phoebe G. Spetsieris; Vijay Dhawan; James R. Moeller; David Eidelberg
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Imaging-based assessment of dyspnea in cigarette smokers
Author(s): Jeffrey R. Galvin; Paul J. Chang; David A. Schwartz; Gary W. Hunninghake; Richard Helmers; Masaki Mori
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High-resolution CT assessment of the pediatric airways: structure and function
Author(s): Sandra S. Kramer; Eric A. Hoffman; Israel Amirav M.D.
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Three-dimensional lung morphogenesis and fractal analysis as tools for the quantification of lung disease
Author(s): Jiang Qian; Theophano Mitsa
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Feasibility of using high-speed electron beam x-ray CT to follow the time course of the pulmonary response to pneumonectomy in rabbits
Author(s): L. E. Olson; V. P. Wright; Eric A. Hoffman
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Volumetric applications for spiral CT in the thorax
Author(s): Geoffrey D. Rubin M.D.; Sandy Napel; Ann N.C. Leung
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Contributions of statistical noise to spatial heterogeneity of PET images of pulmonary function
Author(s): Jose Gabriel Venegas; Steven Treppo; Srboljub Mijailovich
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Effect of acute lung injury on the spatial correlation of regional pulmonary blood flow
Author(s): Daniel P. Schuster; Joanne Markham
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Posture-dependent spatial correlation: similarity of multiple CT-derived pulmonary structural and functional parameters
Author(s): Jehangir K. Tajik; Collin L. Olson; Gopal Sundaramoorthy; Eric A. Hoffman
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Biodegradable radiopaque microspheres for the evaluation of regional pulmonary blood flow distribution using electron-beam computed tomography
Author(s): Michael J. Workman; Jehangir K. Tajik; Miguel T. Robinson; Eric A. Hoffman
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Cellular automaton model of proliferation of a human breast cancer cell line
Author(s): Jacqueline Palmari; Jean Yves Andre; Pierre-Marie Martin; Christophe Dussert
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Three computer vision applications in dentistry
Author(s): Tatjana Dostalova M.D.; Vaclav Hlavac; T. Pajdla; Radim Sara; Vladimir Smutny
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Multiresolution texture analysis of bone radiographs using Gaussian Markov random-field models
Author(s): Jagath K. Samarabandu; Raj S. Acharya; E. Hausmann; K. A. Allen
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Change in trabecular architecture as measured by fractal dimension
Author(s): Joel L. Berry; Richard L. Webber; Chris Jerome; Thomas L. Pope Jr.; Mark Zimmerman; Jeffrey D. Towers M.D.
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Dynamic and still microcirculatory image analysis for quantitative microcirculation research
Author(s): Xiaoyou Ying; Rui-juan Xiu
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Visualization and analysis of functional cardiac MRI data
Author(s): Elliot R. McVeigh; Michael A. Guttman; Eric Poon; Chandrasekhar Pisupati; Christopher C. Moore; Elias A. Zerhouni; Meiyappan Solaiyappan; PhengAnn Heng
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