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Laser Applications in Combustion and Combustion Diagnostics
Editor(s): Larry C. Liou

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Volume Number: 1862
Date Published: 24 May 1993

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Laser versus conventional ignition of flames
Author(s): Paul D. Ronney
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High-energy Nd:YAG laser ignition of coals
Author(s): Phuoc Xuan Tran; Mahendra P. Mathur; James M. Ekmann
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Infrared multiphoton ignition and combustion enhancement of natural gas
Author(s): Moshe Lavid; Arthur T. Poulos; Suresh K. Gulati
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Theoretical and experimental studies of laser-initiated detonation waves for supersonic combustion
Author(s): MauSong Chou; Francis E. Fendell; H. Wilhelm Behrens
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Excimer laser relight for the supersonic commercial transport aircraft
Author(s): Moshe Lavid; Arthur T. Poulos; Suresh K. Gulati; Yehuda Nachshon; John G. Stevens
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Laser ignition application in a space experiment
Author(s): Larry C. Liou; Dennis E. Culley
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Laser diagnostics for combustion and propulsion
Author(s): Ronald K. Hanson
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Laser Rayleigh and Raman diagnostics for small hydrogen/oxygen rockets
Author(s): Wim A. de Groot; Frank J. Zupanc
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OH radical detection in an optical engine
Author(s): Ali Serpenguzel; Robert T. Hahn; William P. Acker
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Velocity and drop size measurements in a swirl-stabilized, combusting spray
Author(s): Daniel L. Bulzan
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Laser Doppler velocimetry measurements in a laminar counterflow premixed double flame: comparison with numerical calculations
Author(s): Mohamed El Hacin Sennoun; E. Djavdan; N. Darabiha; Juan Carlos Rolon
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Dependence of NO2 degenerate four-wave-mixing signals on buffer gas pressure
Author(s): John D. Garman; Derek Dunn-Rankin
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Time-based analysis of phase Doppler data
Author(s): J. R. Zurlo; Cary Presser; Atul Kumar Gupta
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Rayleigh and predissociative fluorescence imaging of total and quantum state-specific densities from a combustion bomb using tunable excimer laser light
Author(s): Gyungsoo Kim; Hongjie An; Erhard W. Rothe; Lynne M. Hitchcock; Youngwei Gu; Gene P. Reck
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Droplet diagnostics and scattering
Author(s): Dipakbin Qasem Chowdhury; Md. Mohiuddin Mazumder
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Raman spectroscopy studies of combustion-related microparticles
Author(s): Scot D. Rassat; Theresa M. Allen; E. James Davis
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Emissivity measurements of single levitated microparticles
Author(s): Dee William Pack; Anthony Pluchino; Donald E. Masturzo
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Relative evaporation rates of droplets in a segmented stream determined by droplet-cavity fluorescence peak shifts
Author(s): Gang Chen; Ali Serpenguzel; Richard K. Chang; William P. Acker
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Microdroplet missing-resonance spectroscopy
Author(s): Jay D. Eversole; Horn-Bond Lin; Anthony J. Campillo
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Microphotography of an electrodynamically levitated microparticle
Author(s): Stephen Arnold; Lorcan M. Folan
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Suppression of elastic scattering resonances in microdroplets seeded with nm-sized latex particles
Author(s): Dat D. Ngo; Ronald G. Pinnick
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Suppression of stimulated Raman scattering from microdroplets by seeding with nm-sized latex particles
Author(s): J.-G. Xie; Thomas E. Ruekgauer; Robert L. Armstrong; Ronald G. Pinnick
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Theoretical studies of droplet deformation in finite Reynolds number flows
Author(s): David S. Dandy
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Scattering and absorption by inhomogeneous spheres and sphere aggregates
Author(s): Kirk A. Fuller
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Modeling of a high-energy laser pulse focused within an aerosol spray
Author(s): John P. Barton; Pratap B. Cheekati; Dennis R. Alexander; Larry C. Liou
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Light scattering by radially inhomogeneous fuel droplets in a high-temperature environment
Author(s): Michael Schneider; E. Dan Hirleman; Hasan I. Saleheen; Dipakbin Qasem Chowdhury; Steven C. Hill
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Finite-element solution of the Maxwell equations for absorption and scattering of electromagnetic radiation by a coated sphere
Author(s): James R. Brock; Moon Kyu Choi
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Elastic scattering from spheres under non-plane-wave illumination
Author(s): Joseph T. Hodges; Gerard Grehan; Cary Presser; Hratch G. Semerjian
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Modeling nonlinear optical mixing processes in droplets
Author(s): Steven C. Hill; Richard K. Chang
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