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Color Hard Copy and Graphic Arts

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Volume Number: 1670
Date Published: 1 May 1992

Table of Contents
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A perspective on non-impact printing in color
Author(s): Steven B. Bolte
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Technical trends of color hardcopy
Author(s): Shin Ohno
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Algorithms and procedures for digital halftone generation
Author(s): Peter Stucki
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Single-pass highlight color electrophotography
Author(s): W. E. Haas
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Color imaging technologies in the prepress industry
Author(s): Lee Silverman
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Electrophotography in commercial printing: publications on demand
Author(s): Mark W. Fleming
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Development of trilevel xerographic images
Author(s): D. G. Parker
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Imaging characteristics of the tri-level highlight color xerographic process
Author(s): Nancy B. Goodman
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Nonlinearity and image distortion in electrographic continuous toning print
Author(s): Igor Kubelik
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High quality pictorial color printing by ionographic pixel tone control technology and its application to electronic imaging systems
Author(s): Yasushi Hoshino
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Analysis of corotron charging by Taguchi method
Author(s): Ji-Bin Horng
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Technology trends in materials for electrophotography
Author(s): Shigenori Otsuka
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The effects of toner charge, size and surface structure on its adhesion forces
Author(s): Hideyuki Akagi
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Tribo-charge and particle size characteristics of toners in a laser printer
Author(s): Ming-Chu Wu
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Organic photoreceptor using a new Azo pigment
Author(s): Hitoshi Orikasa
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The application of Rietveld analysis to crystal structures of titanyl phthalocyanine
Author(s): Terry Bluhm
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Modeling of fused color copy curl
Author(s): Youti Kuo
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The prediction of image stability of thermal paper
Author(s): Yasuzi Asao
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Thermal inkjet: a review
Author(s): Ivan Rezanka
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Real-time, simultaneous measurements of ink drop velocity and diameter in thermal ink-jet print head using laser scattering techniques
Author(s): Chie C. Poon
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Hot melt ink jet inks : some new problems needing novel solutions
Author(s): Derek Wilson
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Evaluating colorimetric repeatability of continuous ink jet images
Author(s): John L. Ingraham
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The effect of heating pulse shape on drop size and stability in thermal ink jet
Author(s): David A. Johnson
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Calibration of colour pre-press systems
Author(s): Tony Johnson
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A new approach to the design of imagesetters using image simulation software
Author(s): Leah Ziph-Schatzberg
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Generic image matching system(GIMS)
Author(s): Zhongjie Liang
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Imagesetter requirement limits based on a simple model of visual acuity
Author(s): Henry A. Kelley
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Halftone dot gain in liquid electrostatic printing systems
Author(s): James R. Larson
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Direct digital color proofing system using titanium dioxide photoreceptor
Author(s): Youichi Ishibai
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Polymer adsorption phenomena at the surface of delayed tack toner images in a photopolymer proofing concept
Author(s): Gerard R. Pinto
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Printing CIELAB images on a CMYK printer using tri-linear interpolation
Author(s): Sigfredo I. Nin
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Approximating the Munsell book of color with the generalized lightness, hue, and saturation color model
Author(s): Haim Levkowitz
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Method of color correction which preserves perceived color differences
Author(s): Randall G. Guay
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Measures of goodness of a set of colour scanning filters
Author(s): Poorvi L. Vora
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Optimal spectral sampling for color imaging
Author(s): Carlos F. Borges
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Adaptive machine learning algorithm for multispectral image analysis
Author(s): Mehmet Celenk
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CCD camera as a tool for color measurement
Author(s): Alexander M. Mumzhiu
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Color measurements using a colorimeter and a CCD camera
Author(s): Travis L. Spratlin
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Current status of xerographic printers
Author(s): Gary Starkweather
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Frequency response for partially coherent imagery ROS
Author(s): Koichiro Shinohara
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Laser scanning optical system with plastic lenses featuring high resolution
Author(s): Takanori Hisada
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High quality LED printhead aging study
Author(s): Yee S. Ng
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Motion quality requirement for single pass color registration
Author(s): Lam Wong
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Pixel placement errors due to misalignment of internal drum writing engines
Author(s): Edward L. Kelley
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Implementation of image compression for printers
Author(s): Kenichiro Oka
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Color mixing models
Author(s): Steven J. Harrington
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Color scanner calibration of reflected samples
Author(s): Henry R. Kang
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A color hardcopy system with improved color fidelity
Author(s): Masahiro Kubo
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Print quality test target: developed to test postscript printers
Author(s): Werner K. Sobotka
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Image-processing for ink-jet
Author(s): Peter A. Torpey
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A new image handling technique for a single pass highlight color copier
Author(s): Koji Aikawa
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Matched printing of colors with bilevel printers
Author(s): Friedr.-Wilhelm Drees
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User-oriented approach to control of tone reproduction for electronic reprographic systems
Author(s): Paul M. Butterfield
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