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Rapid Isothermal Processing
Editor(s): Rajendra Singh

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Volume Number: 1189
Date Published: 6 April 1990

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Rapid Thermal Multiprocessing For Micro Factories
Author(s): Krishna C. Saraswat; Len Booth; David D. Grossman; B. T. Khuri-Yakub; Yong Jin Lee; Mehrdad M. Moslehi; Samuel Wood
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Ultrashallow Diffused Emitter-Base Profiles For Bipolar Device Applications Using Rapid Thermal Processing
Author(s): J. E. Turner; C. I. Drowley; P. Vande Voorde; S. J. Rosner; A. Kermani
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Processing And Patterning Of Thin Film Superconductors Formed By Metallo-Organic Deposition
Author(s): Adolph L. Micheli; Joseph V. Mantese; Aboud H. Hamdi
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Surface Radiation Characteristics In RTCVD Temperature Measurement/Control
Author(s): F. Y. Sorrell; J. A. Harris; M. C. Ozturk; J. J. Wortman
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Thermal And Stress Analysis Of Semiconductor Wafers In A Rapid Thermal Processing Oven
Author(s): H. A. Lord
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Temperature Uniformity In RTP Furnaces
Author(s): F. Y. Sorrell; C. P. Eakes; M. C. Ozturk; J. J. Wortman
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Effect Of Silicon Emissivity On Temperature Measurement And Control In Rapid Thermal Processing
Author(s): John L. Crowley; Jimmy C. Liao; Jeffrey C. Gelpey
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Emissivity Issues In Pyrometric Temperature Monitoring For RTP Systems
Author(s): Jaim Nulman
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A New Method For Evaluating Temperature Distribution By Using Si + + B + Implantation
Author(s): Shigeo Onishi; Kenichi Tanaka; Keizo Sakiyama
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Temperature Non-Uniformities During Rapid Thermal Processing Of Patterned Wafers
Author(s): Peter Vandenabeele; Karen Maex
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High Quality Si and Si-based Heterostructures And Devices Produced By Rapid Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition (RTCVD)
Author(s): Martin L. Green; H. Temkin; D. Brasen
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RTP-CVD: A Single Wafer In-Situ Multiprocessing Manufacturing Technology For ULSI
Author(s): D. L. Kwong; T. Y. Hsieh; K. H. Jung; W. Ting; S. K. Lee
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The Application of Rapid Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition of Doped-Thin Single Crystal Silicon for MOS and Bipolar Technologies.
Author(s): Ahmad Kermani; Y. H. Ku; F. Wong; K. B. Kim; P. Maillot; A. E. Morgan; S. Hahn
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Recent Developments of Metal Ohmic Contacts to InP-Based Materials Formed by Rapid Thermal Processing
Author(s): A. Katz; S. N. G. Chu; W. C. Dautremont-Smith; M. Soler; B. Weir; P. M. Thomas
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In Situ Reflectivity Measurement In A Rapid Isothermal Processor For Platinum Silicide Formation Kinetics Study
Author(s): Jean-Marie Dilhac; Christian Ganibal; Thierry Castan
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Bulk Material Analysis of Wafers Processed in RIP Round Robin
Author(s): C. B. Yarling; W. A. Keenan
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Ultrathin Reoxidized Nitrided Oxide Prepared by Rapid Isothermal Processing for Advanced MOS Devices
Author(s): Takashi Hori; Hiroshi Iwasaki
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Fabrication of superior oxynitride ultrathin MOS gate dielectrics for ULSI technology by reactive rapid thermal processing
Author(s): D. L. Kwong; G. Q. Lo; W. C. Ting; P. C. Li
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Characteristics of Reactively Evaporated and Rapid-Thermally Oxidized Yttrium Films on Silicon
Author(s): T. S. Kalkur; R. Y. Kwor
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