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MIPPR 2017: Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision
Editor(s): Zhiguo Cao; Yuehuang Wang; Chao Cai
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Volume Number: 10609
Date Published: 20 March 2018

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Front Matter: Volume 10609
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Static facial expression recognition with convolution neural networks
Author(s): Feng Zhang; Zhong Chen; Chao Ouyang; Yifei Zhang
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Feature hashing for fast image retrieval
Author(s): Lingyu Yan; Jiarun Fu; Hongxin Zhang; Lu Yuan; Hui Xu
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Affine invariant feature extraction based on the shape of local support region
Author(s): Luping Lu; Yong Zhang
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Adaptive region constrained FCM algorithm for image segmentation with hierarchical superpixels
Author(s): Lei Li; Zhuoli Dong; Xuan Fei; Dexian Zhang
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A mixture model for robust registration in Kinect sensor
Author(s): Li Peng; Huabing Zhou; Shengguo Zhu
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HOG pedestrian detection based on edge symmetry and trilinear interpolation
Author(s): Dandan Wang; Tongei Lu; Yanduo Zhang
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A multi-view face recognition system based on cascade face detector and improved Dlib
Author(s): Hongjun Zhou; Pei Chen; Wei Shen
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A framework for farmland parcels extraction based on image classification
Author(s): Guoying Liu; Wenying Ge; Xu Song; Hongdan Zhao
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A depth enhancement strategy for kinect depth image
Author(s): Wei Quan; Hua Li; Cheng Han; Yaohong Xue; Chao Zhang; Hanping Hu; Zhengang Jiang
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The method for froth floatation condition recognition based on adaptive feature weighted
Author(s): Jieran Wang; Jun Zhang; Jinwen Tian; Daimeng Zhang; Xiaomao Liu
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Method of segmenting river from remote sensing image
Author(s): Qingyun Tang; Jun Zhang; Daimeng Zhang; Xiaomao Liu; Jinwen Tian
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Robust image matching via ORB feature and VFC for mismatch removal
Author(s): Tao Ma; Wenxing Fu; Bin Fang; Fangyu Hu; Siwen Quan; Jie Ma
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Dual-threshold segmentation using Arimoto entropy based on chaotic bee colony optimization
Author(s): Li Li
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The selection of the optimal baseline in the front-view monocular vision system
Author(s): Bincheng Xiong; Jun Zhang; Daimeng Zhang; Xiaomao Liu; Jinwen Tian
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Learning deep features with adaptive triplet loss for person reidentification
Author(s): Zhiqiang Li; Nong Sang; Kezhou Chen; Changxin Gao; Ruolin Wang
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A novel approach for fire recognition using hybrid features and manifold learning-based classifier
Author(s): Rong Zhu; Xueying Hu; Jiajun Tang; Sheng Hu
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Research on three-dimensional reconstruction method based on binocular vision
Author(s): Jinlin Li; Zhihui Wang; Minjun Wang
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Multi-modal image registration via depth information based on point set matching
Author(s): Bin Sun; Qi Yang; Kai Hu; Honglin Bai
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Scene text detection by leveraging multi-channel information and local context
Author(s): Runmin Wang; Shengyou Qian; Jianfeng Yang; Changxin Gao
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Selecting good regions to deblur via relative total variation
Author(s): Lerenhan Li; Hao Yan; Zhihua Fan; Hanqing Zheng; Changxin Gao; Nong Sang
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Single image super-resolution based on convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Lamei Zou; Ming Luo; Weidong Yang; Peng Li; Liujia Jin
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An improved multi-paths optimization method for video stabilization
Author(s): Tao Qin; Sheng Zhong
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Threshold-adaptive canny operator based on cross-zero points
Author(s): Boqi Liu; Xiuhua Zhang; Hanyu Hong
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Supervised guiding long-short term memory for image caption generation based on object classes
Author(s): Jian Wang; Zhiguo Cao; Yang Xiao; Xinyuan Qi
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Color correction using weighted moving least squares in image mosaicking applications
Author(s): Chengcai Du; Sheng Zhong
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A method of non-contact reading code based on computer vision
Author(s): Chunsen Zhang; Xiaoyu Zong; Bingxuan Guo
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Drug-related webpages classification based on multi-modal local decision fusion
Author(s): Ruiguang Hu; Xiaojing Su; Yanxin Liu
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A new matching algorithm for affine point sets
Author(s): Zhiguo Tan; Jianping Ou; Fubing Chen; Jie He
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Week texture objects pose estimation based on 3D model
Author(s): Yang Chen; Hanmo Zhang; Shaoxiong Tian; Changxin Gao
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Deep learning based hand gesture recognition in complex scenes
Author(s): Zihan Ni; Nong Sang; Cheng Tan
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Fast-match on particle swarm optimization with variant system mechanism
Author(s): Yuehuang Wang; Xin Fang; Jie Chen
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Discriminative correlation filter tracking with occlusion detection
Author(s): Shuo Zhang; Zhong Chen; XiPeng Yu; Ting Zhang; Jing He
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A method of airborne infrared and visible image matching based on HOG feature
Author(s): Xue Wang; Qing Zhou; Qiang Liu; Shengxiang Qi
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A method of vehicle license plate recognition based on PCANet and compressive sensing
Author(s): Xianyi Ye; Feng Min
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Automated railroad reconstruction from remote sensing image based on texture filter
Author(s): Jie Xiao; Kaixia Lu
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Stereo matching algorithm based on double components model
Author(s): Xiao Zhou; Kejun Ou; Jianxin Zhao; Xingang Mou
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Ship detection based on rotation-invariant HOG descriptors for airborne infrared images
Author(s): Guojing Xu; Jinyan Wang; Shengxiang Qi
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RPBS: Rotational Projected Binary Structure for point cloud representation
Author(s): Bin Fang; Zhiwei Zhou; Tao Ma; Fangyu Hu; Siwen Quan; Jie Ma
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Environmentally adaptive crop extraction for agricultural automation using super-pixel and LAB Gaussian model
Author(s): Cuina Li; Guangyu Shi; Zhenghong Yu
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Improved dense trajectories for action recognition based on random projection and Fisher vectors
Author(s): Shihui Ai; Tongwei Lu; Yudian Xiong
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Action recognition in depth video from RGB perspective: A knowledge transfer manner
Author(s): Jun Chen; Yang Xiao; Zhiguo Cao; Zhiwen Fang
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Geometry and coherence based feature matching for structure from motion
Author(s): Kai Wei; Kun Sun; Wenbing Tao
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Research on driver fatigue detection
Author(s): Ting Zhang; Zhong Chen; Chao Ouyang
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Smoke regions extraction based on two steps segmentation and motion detection in early fire
Author(s): Wenlin Jian; Kaizhi Wu; Zirong Yu; Lijuan Chen
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Collaborative identification method for sea battlefield target based on deep convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Guangdi Zheng; Mingbo Pan; Wei Liu; Xuetong Wu
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Airplane detection in remote sensing images using convolutional neural networks
Author(s): Chao Ouyang; Zhong Chen; Feng Zhang; Yifei Zhang
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Unsupervised classification of high-resolution remote-sensing images under edge constraints
Author(s): Wenying Ge; Guoying Liu
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Modeling of biologically motivated self-learning equivalent-convolutional recurrent-multilayer neural structures (BLM_SL_EC_RMNS) for image fragments clustering and recognition
Author(s): Vladimir G. Krasilenko; Alexander A. Lazarev; Diana V. Nikitovich
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Deep visual-semantic for crowded video understanding
Author(s): Chunhua Deng; Junwen Zhang
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Weighted least square method for epipolar rectification in semi-calibrated image
Author(s): Guojia Zhu; Huabing Zhou; Yiwei Tao III
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Detection of vehicle parts based on Faster R-CNN and relative position information
Author(s): Mingwen Zhang; Nong Sang; Youbin Chen; Changxin Gao; Yongzhong Wang
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Near infrared and visible face recognition based on decision fusion of LBP and DCT features
Author(s): Zhihua Xie; Shuai Zhang; Guodong Liu; Jinquan Xiong
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Low, slow, small target recognition based on spatial vision network
Author(s): Zhao Cheng; Pei Guo; Xin Qi
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Vehicle parts detection based on Faster - RCNN with location constraints of vehicle parts feature point
Author(s): Liqin Yang M.D.; Nong Sang; Changxin Gao
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Hand pose estimation in depth image using CNN and random forest
Author(s): Xi Chen; Zhiguo Cao; Yang Xiao; Zhiwen Fang
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A fast non-local means algorithm based on integral image and reconstructed similar kernel
Author(s): Zheng Lin; Enmin Song
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A portable low-cost 3D point cloud acquiring method based on structure light
Author(s): Li Gui; Shunyi Zheng; Xia Huang; Like Zhao; Hao Ma; Chao Ge; Qiuxia Tang
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Chinese character recognition based on Gabor feature extraction and CNN
Author(s): Yudian Xiong; Tongwei Lu; Yongyuan Jiang
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Convolutional neural network using generated data for SAR ATR with limited samples
Author(s): Longjian Cong; Lei Gao; Hui Zhang; Peng Sun
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