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Multifunctional Materials
Editor(s): Robert L. Gunshor

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Volume Number: 0878
Date Published: 3 May 1988

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Synthesis Of Metastable Superconductors By High Dynamic Pressure
Author(s): W. J. Nellis; M. B. Maple; T. H. Geballe
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Theoretical Investigation Of Metastable Polymers Of The Nitrogen Oxides
Author(s): Walter H. Jones
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The Pressure Synthesis Of P-Nitroaniline Condensation Products
Author(s): S. Block; G. J. Piermarini
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Theoretical Study Of The Existence Of Metastable Semiconducting P-Nitroaniline Formed At High Shock Pressure
Author(s): Richard D. Bardo
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Molecular Beam Epitaxy Studies Of A-Sn/CdTe Superlattices
Author(s): Hartmut Hochst; David W. Niles; Isaac Hernandez-Calderon
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The Investigation Of Type III-Type I Strained-Layer Superlattice System: Hg[sub]1-x[/sub]Zn[sub]x[/sub]Te-CdTe
Author(s): X. Chu; S. Sivananthan; J. P. Faurie
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Electro-Optical And Nonlinear Optical Characterization Of Narrow-Gap Superlattices
Author(s): C. A. Hoffman; J. R. Meyer; E. R. Youngdale; J. R. Lindle; F. J. Bartoli; J. W. Han; J. W. Cook Jr.; J. F. Schetzina; X. Chu; J. P. Faurie
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Free-Carrier Induced Optical Nonlinearities In Semiconductors
Author(s): P. A. Wolff; S. Y. Yuen; K. A. Harris; J. W. Cook Jr.; J. F. Schetzina
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Infrared Nonlinear Optical Materials Based On Molecular Photoisomerization
Author(s): James S. Shirk
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Ultradelocalized Aromatics - A New Class Of Nonlinear Optical Media
Author(s): Paul F. Barbara
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Gel-Silica Optics
Author(s): L. L. Hench; S. H. Wang; J. L. Nogues
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Gel Silica Waveguides
Author(s): R. V. Ramaswamy; Taipau Chia; R. Srivastava; A. Miliou; J. West
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Multifunctional Macromolecules
Author(s): A. Buckley; G. W. Calundann; A. J. East
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Design Of Polymers With Desirable Semiconductor, NLO, And Structural Properties
Author(s): Larry R. Dalton
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Nonlinear Optical Interactions In Langmuir-Blodgett Organic Semiconductor Heterostructures
Author(s): P. N. Prasad; M. K. Casstevens; J. Pfleger; P. Logsdon
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Polymeric Heterostructure Thin Films
Author(s): W. C. Egbert; D. J. Gerbi; D. A. Ender; J. Stevens
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Functional Polymers And Guest-Host Polymer Blends For Optical And Electronic Applications
Author(s): F. E. Karasz; G. Williams; G. S. Attard
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Innovative Chemical Processing Of Electronic And Optical Materials
Author(s): John D. Mackenzie
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Intermolecular Interactions And Crystal Stabilities Of Tetrathiafulvalene-Tetracyanoquinodimethane
Author(s): J. Stevens; P. C. Leung; S. H. Chou; A. J. Freeman; E. Wimmer
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