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Real-Time Signal Processing VII
Editor(s): Keith Bromley

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Volume Number: 0495
Date Published: 28 November 1984

Table of Contents
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Some Promising Directions In Parallel Processing Research
Author(s): H. J. Whitehouse
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Implementation Of Eigenvector Methods
Author(s): Robert Schreiber
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The Solution Of Singular Value Problems Using Systolic Arrays
Author(s): Richard P. Brent; Franklin T. Luk
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Singular Value Decomposition With Systolic Arrays
Author(s): Ilse Ipsen
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Algorithm For Singular Value Decomposition
Author(s): D. C. Ross
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High-Performance Architectures For Adaptive Filtering Based On The Gram-Schmidt Algorithm
Author(s): Kyle A. Gallivan; Charles E. Leiserson
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Modified Faddeev Algorithm For Matrix Manipulation
Author(s): J. G. Nash; S. Hansen
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Signal Processing Computations Using The Generalized Singular Value Decomposition
Author(s): Jeffrey M. Speiser; Charles Van Loan
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Temporal Localization And Systolization Of Signal Flow Graph (SFG) Computing Networks
Author(s): S. Y. Kung; S. C. Lo; J. Annevelink
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Design And Descriptive Tools For Systolic Architectures
Author(s): Paul Steven Lewis
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Selecting Systolic Designs Using Linear Transformations Of Space-Time
Author(s): Peter R. Cappello; Kenneth Steiglitz
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On-Line Arithmetic: An Overview
Author(s): Milos D. Ercegovac
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Fault-Tolerant Matrix Operations On Multiple Processor Systems Using Weighted Checksums
Author(s): Jing-Yang Jou; Jacob A. Abraham
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Iterative Solutions To Nonlinear Matrix Equations Using A Fixed Number Of Steps
Author(s): D. Casasent; A. Ghosh; C. P. Neuman
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Algorithms And Architectures For Statistical Image Processing In Emission Tomography
Author(s): Donald L. Snyder
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Closed Loop Methodology (CLM) Applied To Signal Processing
Author(s): AL Fermelia
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Experience With The CMU Programmable Systolic Chip
Author(s): Allan L. Fisher; H. T. Kung; Kenneth Sarocky
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Warp: A Programmable Systolic Array Processor
Author(s): H. T. Kung; Onat Menzilcioglu
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A One-Third Gigaflop Systolic Linear Algebra Processor
Author(s): P. J. Kuekes; M. S. Schlansker
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Convolver-Based Optical Systolic Processing Architectures
Author(s): Steven Cartwright
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Digital Convolution And Correlation With Electro-Optic Bragg Processors
Author(s): R. Arrathoon; E. R. Schroeder; L. D. Hutcheson; P. R. Haugen
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Optical Systolic Array Processor Designs For The Linear Estimation Of Data Sequences
Author(s): Steven C. Gustafson
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A Highly Parallel Algorithm For Computing The Singular Value Decomposition Using Optical Processing Techniques
Author(s): Barry L. Drake; Richard P. Bocker
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A Real-Time Incoherent Optical Signal Processing System
Author(s): Richard H. Patterson; Keith Bromley; Michael A. Monahan; Jerome J. Symanski
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Programmable Real-Time Acousto-Optic/CCD SAR Processor
Author(s): Michael Haney; Kelvin Wagner; Demetri Psaltis
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Electro-Optical Signal Processing Applications Of The GaAs CCD
Author(s): J. A. Higgins
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Optical Processor With Wavelength Division Multiplexing
Author(s): P. Pfeiffer; P. Meyrueis
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Space-Variant Optical Processing With Acousto-Optic Modulators
Author(s): David Y. Lojewski; John F. Walkup; Thomas F. Krile
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Cyclic Number Codes For Optical Computing
Author(s): Kenneth Pulliam
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