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Spectroscopic Characterization Techniques for Semiconductor Technology I
Editor(s): Robert S. Bauer; Fred H. Pollak

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Volume Number: 0452
Date Published: 10 May 1984

Table of Contents
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Characterization Of Deep Impurities In GaAs By Photoluminescence
Author(s): T. Nishino; Y. Fujiwara; A. Kojima; Y. Hamakawa
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Raman Scattering And Luminescence Study Of Laser Beam Induced Effects In GaAs-AlAs Multiple Quantum Well Structures
Author(s): D. Kirillov; J. L. Merz
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Optically Pumped Semiconductor Laser Material
Author(s): R. G. Waters; S. R. Chinn; B. D. Schwartz
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Raman Characterization Of Semiconductors Revisited
Author(s): Fred H. Pollak; Raphael Tsu
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Raman Study Of Strain And Microadhesion In Silicon
Author(s): J. Gonzalez-Hernandez; Denis Martin; Raphael Tsu
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Magneto-Raman And Magneto-Photoluminescence Characterization Of MQW Heterostructures
Author(s): A. Petrou; C. H. Perry; M. C. Smith; J. M. Worlock; R. L. Aggarwal; A. C. Gossard; W. Wiegmann
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The Characterization Of Materials By Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
Author(s): D. E. Aspnes
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Characterization Of Semiconductor Silicon Using FT-IR Spectroscopy.
Author(s): K. Krishnan; R. B. Mundhe
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Fourier Analysis Of Optical Spectra: Application To Al[sub]x[/sub]Ga[sub]1-x[/sub]As And GaAs[sub]1-x[/sub]P[sub]x[/sub]
Author(s): D. E. Aspnes; S. M. Kelso
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Spectroscopic Techniques For Characterization Of Gas Phase Species In Plasma Etching And Vapor Deposition Processes
Author(s): Joda Wormhoudt; Alan C. Stanton; Joel A. Silver
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Determination Of Indirect Conduction Band Minima In Semiconductors By Core-Level Reflectance Spectroscopy
Author(s): S. M. Kelso; D. E. Aspnes; C. G. Olson; D. W. Lynch; K. J. Bachmann
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Measurement And Interpretation Of Optical Properties At High Temperatures
Author(s): Dan Goldschmidt
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In Situ Characterization And Non Solar Applications Of Semiconductor Liquid Junctions
Author(s): Micha Tomkiewicz
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Ellipsometric-Electrolyte Electroreflectance Study Of The Si/SiO[sub]2[/sub] Interface
Author(s): Orest J. Glembocki
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Picosecond And Femtosecond Diagnostics Of Semiconductors
Author(s): E. Wintner; J. G. Fujimoto; E. P. Ippen
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Semiconductor Characterization Using Nondestructive Surface Acoustic Wave Technique
Author(s): B. Davari; P. Das
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The Application Of Small Area Electron Spectroscopy For Chemical Analysis (ESCA)
Author(s): Gerard L. Kearns
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Synchrotron Radiation Spectroscopes For Semiconductor Interface Characterization: Si(111)/SiO[sub]2[/sub]
Author(s): Robert S. Bauer
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Characterization Of Semiconductor Silicon By Transmission Electron Microscopy
Author(s): Teh Y. Tan
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Elemental And Electronic Characterization Of Semiconductor Materials With The STEM
Author(s): P. E. Batson
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SEM Based Characterization Techniques For Semiconductor Technology
Author(s): P. E. Russell
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Rutherford Scattering-Channeling Analysis Of Semiconductor Structures
Author(s): L. C. Feldman
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Nuclear Profiling Of Aluminum In GaAlAs/GaAs Heterostructures
Author(s): A. Bond; P. Parayanthal; Fred H. Pollak; J. M. Woodall
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