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Caplan, William D.
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Area of Expertise: infrared countermeasures, aircraft protection, SWIR and SAL laser seekers, DEW HPM RFW, EW TTP tactics techniques procedures, counter drone
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Infrared / electro-optic systems engineer with broad experience in scientific and engineering positions in the USA and Europe. For over a decade worked as lead Electronic Warfare scientist for electro-optics at the NATO C3 Agency

Previous work included DIRCM, SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) and SAL semi-active laser seekers and countermeasures, deployable security sensors for airport security applications; advanced compact lightweight laser rangefinders.

Now, in order to allow a larger scope of operation and investment in new technology development, established

Aircraft Protection Technologies in 2019.

APTinfo B.V. is a privately held company founded to provide a framework for developing new technology applications in aerospace. Advanced applications of laser technology that have been undervalued offer cost effective solutions that meet specific market niches.

APTinfo has filed patents for advanced laser technology for counter-drone applications specifically to address the challenging environment of civil airport operations.

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