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Optical Properties of Nanocrystals
Editor(s): Zeno Gaburro

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Volume Number: 4808
Date Published: 5 November 2002

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Light emission in silicon nanostructures
Author(s): David J. Lockwood
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Optical gain in PECVD-grown silicon nanocrystals
Author(s): Luca Dal Negro; Massimo Cazzanelli; Zeno Gaburro; Lorenzo Pavesi; Domenico Pacifici; Franceso Priolo; Giorgia Franzo; Fabio Iacona
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Highly luminescent Si quantum dots: new ways for size, position, and density control
Author(s): Margit Zacharias; Johannes Heitmann; Lixin Yi; Rolf Scholz; Manfred Reiche; Ulrich M. Goesele
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Photoluminescence in crystalline-Si/Si02 quantum wells
Author(s): David J. Lockwood; Zheng-Hong Lu; D. Grozea
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Silicon nanocrystals microcavity
Author(s): D. Amans; S. Callard; A. Gagnaire; Jacques Joseph; G. Ledoux; Friedrich Huisken
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Spatially nanostructured silicon for optical applications
Author(s): Joachim Diener; Dmitri I. Kovalev; Nicolai Kuenzner; Egon Gross; Gennadi Polisski; Frederick Koch; Viktor Yu. Timoshenko; Minoru Fujii
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Observation of third-harmonic generation in one-dimensional all-silicon microcavities
Author(s): Tatyana V. Dolgova; Michail G. Martemyanov; Andrew A. Fedyanin
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Si nanostructures embedded in SiO2: electronic and optical properties
Author(s): Stefano Ossicini; Elena Degoli; Marcello Luppi; Rita Magri
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Optical response of nonspherical quantum dots
Author(s): Giovanni Cantele; Domenico Ninno; Giuseppe Iadonisi
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Optical properties of silicon nanocrystals synthesized in supercritical fluids
Author(s): Lindsay Pell; Brian A. Korgel
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Optical properties of II-VI semiconductor nanoclusters for use as phosphors
Author(s): Jess P. Wilcoxon; Paula Newcomer
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Photoluminescence properties of organic-inorganic sol-gel films doped with semiconductor quantum dots
Author(s): Pablo Di Benedetto; Alessandro Martucci; Jochen Fick
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Copper oxide and selenide nanoparticles embedded into sol-gel-derived silica glasses doped with europium
Author(s): Valerij S. Gurin; Konstantin V. Yumashev; P. V. Prokoshin; S. A. Zolotovskaya; A. A. Alexeenko
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Surface morphology of electrochemically etched porous GaP
Author(s): Pier Carlo Ricci; Alberto Anedda; C. M. Carbonaro; F. Clemente; R. Corpino
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Optical properties of quantum dots in photonic dots
Author(s): Mikhail V. Artemyev
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Synthesis and characterization of colloidal mercury chacogenide quantum dots
Author(s): Masaru K. Kuno; Keith A. Higginson; John E. Bonevich; Syen B. Qadri; M. Yousuf; Hedi M. Mattoussi
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Significant influence of surface states on the electroluminescence of CdS nanoparticles
Author(s): Eih-Zhe Liang; Ching-Fuh Lin; Sheng-Ming Shih; Wei-Fang Su
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Size and dielectric dependence of off-resonant nonlinearity in Au: dielectric nanocomposite system
Author(s): Guohong Ma; Sing-Hai Tang; Wanxin Sun; Jun He; Hanzhuang Zhang; Zexiang Shen; Shixiong Qian
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Monte Carlo simulation of electron transport in Si/SiO2 superlattices
Author(s): Marcello Rosini; Carlo Jacoboni; Stefano Ossicini
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Observation of local field distribution in photonic crystal microcavity by SNOM technique
Author(s): Anton I. Maidykovski; Oleg V. Lebedev; Tatyana V. Dolgova; D. V. Kazantsev; Andrew A. Fedyanin
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Split-mode-enhanced second-harmonic generation in porous silicon-coupled microcavities
Author(s): Tatyana V. Dolgova; Michail G. Martemyanov; Evgenia M. Kim; D. G. Gusev; Andrew A. Fedyanin
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Optical properties of Sb-doped AgI nanoparticles
Author(s): Pandian Senthil Kumar; Swati Ray; Channappayya S. Sunandana
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