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Biostereometrics '88
Editor(s): Juerg U. Baumann; Robin E. Herron

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Volume Number: 1030
Date Published: 14 April 1989

Table of Contents
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Description Of Scoliotic Deformity Pattern By Harmonic Functions
Author(s): B. Drerup; E. Hierholzer
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Assessment Of Three-Dimensional Scoliotic Deformity By Rasterstereography
Author(s): E. Hierholzer; B. Drerup
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Evaluation Of Back Shape Using The ISIS Scanner
Author(s): Alan R. Turner-Smith; David C. Thomas
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Real-Time Rasterstereography Using A Solid State Camera
Author(s): W. Frobin; E. Hierholzer
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Holographic Versus Moire Interferometry Applied On Articular Surfaces - An Anatomist Point Of View
Author(s): Paul J. Klein; Fabien M. De Schryver; Marcel A. Rooze
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Optical Diagnostic Imaging Of Surface Topography And Body Deformity
Author(s): Gerhard Windischbauer
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Asymmetric Thickness Of Pettnal Nerve Fiber Layer Measured By Photogrammetry
Author(s): Takenori Takamoto; Bernard Schwartz
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Algorithms For Radius Of Curvature Computation.
Author(s): A. Hachicha
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Automatic Methods For 3-D Measurements
Author(s): Stefan Lutz
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A Simplified Rasterstereography Measuring Technique With Application To Biomedical Engineering
Author(s): D. Elad; R. Zeltser; M. Sahar; J. M. Avidor; S. Einav; N. Rosenberg
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Preliminary Discussion On The Three Dimensional Space Quantitative Analysis Of Erythrocytes By SEMP And Some Applications On The Clinic And Research Of Blood Disease.
Author(s): Lu Lian-Huang; Tong Wen-Meng; Zhang Zhi-Jun; He Gui-Huan; Huan Su-Hui
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Studies On A Methodology For Clinical 3-D Facial Imaging
Author(s): P. J. Wells; S. J. Powell; J. F. Towers; G. T Reid; S. J. Marshall
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Stereophotogrammetry Of The Face, Automatic Acquisition Of 3-D Data.
Author(s): Ulla Selmer; Peng Li
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Automatic 3-D Measurement Of Human Faces With CCD-Cameras
Author(s): Armin Gruen; Emmanuel Baltsavias
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A Biomechanical Analysis Of Craniofacial Form And Function.
Author(s): Ordean J. Oyen
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Detection Of Chance In Three-Dimensional Models With Time - The Medical Application
Author(s): Lloyd J Pilgrim
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Experience And Results With Preoperatively Shaped AO Mandibular Reconstruction Plates
Author(s): Ulrich Reuters; Joachim Prein; Werner Muller
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Automatic CT Measurement In Lumbar Vertebrae
Author(s): Johannes T. Bisseling; Leon J. Th. O. van Erning; Theo E. Schouten; J. Albert M. Lemmen
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Interactive Measurement And Display Of Three- And Four-Dimensional Anatomy
Author(s): William A. Barrett
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Three-Dimensional In Vivo Modelling And Evaluation Of Hip Coverage
Author(s): Ake Wallin; Kaj Klaue
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From Computer Tomography To Organ Models
Author(s): U. Kliegis; W. Schwesig; H Weigel; R. Mittelstadt; Th. Kortmann; W. Zenker; Kiel
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Three-Dimensional Stochastic Organ-Models For Segmentation In CT-Scans
Author(s): Nico Karssemeijer
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Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Of Tissues And Organs From Sections At The National Center For Supercomputing Applications
Author(s): William A. Airth-Kindree; David P. Lawrance; Ralph A. Nelson; Clint Potter; Robin Herron
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Mathematical Modelling Of Micromotion In Artificial Joints
Author(s): James H. Verner; Urs P. Wyss
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Establishing Stereometric Co-Ordinates In Humans For Surfacing, Registering And Coloring Display
Author(s): William A. Airth-Kindree; David P. Lawrance; Arthur B. Baskin; Robin E. Herron
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The Fractal Simulation Of Biological Shapes
Author(s): Clifford A. Pickover
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Of Double Oblique Slices Through The Human Heart
Author(s): R. Luypaert; Y. Taeymans; M. Van Cauteren; F. Verhelle; F. Peeters; M. Osteaux
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Mednet: A Model For Applying Supercomputing Technologies To Medical Biostereometrics
Author(s): Frank A. Wrestler; W. Airth-Kindree; David P. Lawrance; Larry L. Smarr; Robin Herron
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Automated Mensuration Of Brain Structures
Author(s): Benn Gold
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Morphometry Of The Upright Trunk During Breathing
Author(s): F. Kovats Jr.; G. Boszormenyi-Nagy; G. G. Nagy; L. Ordog
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2-D And 3-D Reconstructions Of The Olfactory System Of The Rat
Author(s): A. H. Reisner; G. A. Bell; C. A. Bucholtz; D. Rosenfeld; K. Tsui
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Computer Technology Of Production 3-D Images Of The Heart From Echocardiographic Pictures
Author(s): A. Naszlady; G. G. Nagy
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A Laser Scan Imaging System For Digital Image Processing
Author(s): Ryad Heidar; Khaled Mouchref; Jean Pierre Charras
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Three-Dimensional Measurement By Ultrasound-Scanning Of Patellar Tendons
Author(s): Bruno E. Gerber; Hans-Georg Koch; Marcel Jud
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Monitoring Wear On Dental Restoration Surfaces Using Microscope Photogrammetry
Author(s): H. L. Mitchell; R. G. Chadwick; J. F. McCabe
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Image Processing Of Transmission Electron Micrographs Using The Semper V Interactive Display System
Author(s): Mohamed Shawki Elghazali
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On-The-Job Calibration Of Tomodensitometric Systems -.A Case Study
Author(s): Sanjib K. Ghosh; Mohamed Bougouss
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Three-Dimensional (3D) Electron Microscopy (EM) Of Biological Matter At The Molecular Level
Author(s): U. Aebi; A. Engel
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Object Surface Coordinates From A Single Camera And Two Mirrors
Author(s): R. K. Jensen; R. N. Marshall
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Digital Stereo-Microdensitometry For Detection And Quantifications Of Leaf Surface Changes
Author(s): M. C. Mueksch
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Simultaneous Stereo Tracking Of Several Object Points
Author(s): Kurt Novak
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Automatic Tracking Of Markers From 3D-Measurement Of Human Body Movements During Walking
Author(s): T. Elsner; G. Meier; J. U. Baumann
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Development Of A Pc-Based Near Real Time Photogrammetry System For Evaluating Regional Body Surface Motion During Breathing
Author(s): L. P. Adams; H. Ruther; M. Klein
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Stereophotogrammetrie Mass Distribution Parameter Determination Of The Lower Body Segments For Use In Gait Analysis
Author(s): D. B. Sheffer; A. R. Schaer; J. U. Baumann
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Three Dimensional Movements Of The Upper Cervical Spine
Author(s): Manohar M. Panjabi; Jiri Dvorak; Joanne Duranceau; Isao Yamamoto
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Combination Of Static And Dynami,C Stereophotogrammetry For The Kinetic Analysis Of Human Locomotion: Preliminary Results
Author(s): A. R. Schaer; D. B. Sheffer; D. Jones; G. Meier; J. U. Baumann
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