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Integrated Circuit Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control VIII
Editor(s): Marylyn Hoy Bennett
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Volume Number: 2196
Date Published: 1 May 1994
Softcover: 51 papers (564) pages
ISBN: 9780819414915

Table of Contents
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16 MB DRAM trench depth characterization using dome scatterometry
Author(s): Ziad R. Hatab; Steven L. Prins; John Robert McNeil; S. Sohail H. Naqvi
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Effects of dissimilar materials on submicron linewidth measurements from phase images
Author(s): Yiping Xu
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Development of a deep-UV Mirau correlation microscope
Author(s): Fang Cheng Chang; Gordon S. Kino; William K. Studenmund
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Near-field optical microscopy characterization of IC metrology
Author(s): Ricardo Toledo-Crow; Bruce W. Smith; Jon K. Rogers; Mehdi Vaez-Iravani
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New submicron dimension reference for electron-beam metrology system
Author(s): Yoshinori Nakayama; Kouji Toyoda
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Monte Carlo model for SEM linewidth metrology
Author(s): Jeremiah R. Lowney; Michael T. Postek; Andras E. Vladar
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Enhanced precision CD measurements via topographic modeling
Author(s): Alexander Henstra; James J. Jackman
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Ultrahigh resolution in-lens type wafer inspection system
Author(s): Fumio Mizuno; Satoru Yamada; Akihiro Miura; Tadashi Ohtaka; Nobuo Tsumaki
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Critical dimension measurement in the SEM: comparison of backscattered vs. secondary electron detection
Author(s): Neal T. Sullivan; Robert M. Newcomb
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CD-SEM metrology using BSE detection
Author(s): Alon Litman; Asher Pearl; Steven R. Rogers
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Low-loss electron imaging and its application to critical dimension metrology
Author(s): Kevin M. Monahan; M. Davidson; Zofia Grycz; Royce Krieger; B. Scheumaker; Robert Zmrzli
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Design for a high precision, high accuracy SEM stage for metrology and review
Author(s): James J. Jackman; F. Span; H. Tappel; R. v. d. van Vucht
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Die-to-database inspection and defect specification
Author(s): Yair Eran; Ido Weinberg; Patricia D. Beard
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Timely identification of yield-limiting defects through in-line automated inspection of wafers
Author(s): Mark B. Burns; Bobby R. Bell; Elizabeth A. Knowles
Limits of laser scattering defect inspection tools on patterned wafers
Author(s): Herve M. Martin; Christian G. Desplat
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Effects on IC quality of 5X reticle repair using FIB with stain reduction
Author(s): Philip D. Prewett; Brian Martin; John G. Watson; Rik M. Jonckheere
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Quantitive analysis of the proximity effect in optical lithographic process
Author(s): Sang-Man Bae; Hung-Eil Kim; Young-Mog Ham; Seung-Chan Moon; Soo-Han Choi
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EDMES: an expert system for process optimization in microlithography
Author(s): Pierre Fanton; Thierry Mourier; Dominique Poncet; Francoise Vinet
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Process control for 0.25 um GaAs microwave monolithic integrated circuits
Author(s): Rick D. Hudgens; Shirley Meyers; Bret A. Small; Keith Salzman; David Rhine; Randy Class
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Advanced photolithographic process modeling and characterization via wafer flatness measurements
Author(s): Satyendra S. Sethi; Sagar M. Pushpala; Terry L. Von Salza Brown; Clifford H. Takemoto; Gabriel M. Li; James L. Kawski; Randal K. Goodall; H. Noguchi; David Luo
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Two-dimensional in-situ e-beam intensity profile monitoring method for SEM/EBL test system
Author(s): Sucheta Gorwadkar; Shashi A. Gangal
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Diagnostic monitoring procedure for automated measurement systems
Author(s): Robert R. Hershey; Richard C. Elliott
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Fourier analysis determination of best focus in submicron lithography
Author(s): S. Jeffrey Rosner; Nader Shamma; Frederik Sporon-Fiedler
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0.35-micron DUV lithography for poly gate layer
Author(s): Nigel R. Farrar; Bhanwar Singh
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New directions in process control
Author(s): Omer Carmel; Ido Holeman; Ruty Levy; Erez Zilberstein
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Process-induced effects on the intrafield overlay error
Author(s): Young-Mog Ham; Chul-Seung Lee; YoungSik Kim; Dong-Jun Ahn; Soo-Han Choi; YeonSeon Seo; Mark Andrew Merrill
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Moire interferometric alignment and overlay techniques
Author(s): Saleem H. Zaidi; Andrew Frauenglass; Steven R. J. Brueck
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Strategies for characterizing and optimizing overlay metrology on extremely difficult layers
Author(s): Paul R. Anderson; Robert J. Monteverde
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Overlay sample plan optimization for the detection of higher order contributions to misalignment
Author(s): Ian D. Fink; Neal T. Sullivan; James S. Lekas
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Steady state particle motion in a single wafer reactor
Author(s): Daniel D. White
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Photochemical batches: E0 modelling and applications
Author(s): James S. Lekas; James C. Pew; Mark A. Wirzbicki
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Thermal design methodology of hot and chill plates for photolithography
Author(s): David P. DeWitt; T. C. Niemoeller; Chris A. Mack; Gil Yetter
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Technique for the measurement of the in-situ development rate
Author(s): Patrick G. Drennan; Bruce W. Smith; David W. Alexander
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Extraction of process specific photolithography model parameters
Author(s): Patrick G. Drennan; Bruce W. Smith
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On-line photolithography modeling using spectrophotometry and Prolith/2
Author(s): Herbert L. Engstrom; Jeanne E. Beacham
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Low-complexity subspace-based estimation of axis of symmetry for lithographic alignment
Author(s): Hamid K. Aghajan; Thomas Kailath
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Electrical test structure for overlay metrology referenced to absolute length standards
Author(s): Michael W. Cresswell; William B. Penzes; Richard A. Allen; Loren W. Linholm; Colleen H. Ellenwood; E. Clayton Teague
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Optimum-forced current for electrical linewidth measurements of submicron features
Author(s): Jyh-shyang Jenq; James Welch Taylor; Michael T. Reilly
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ISO 9000: What every microlithographer should know
Author(s): Harry J. Levinson
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Comprehensive detection of defects on reduction reticles
Author(s): James N. Wiley
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Algorithm for submicron optical metrology optimization with combined illumination techniques
Author(s): Mircea V. Dusa; Guoqing Xiao; Erik H. Rauch; Joseph C. Pellegrini
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Signal processing techniques for defect inspection of distorted patterned wafers
Author(s): Babak H. Khalaj; Hamid K. Aghajan; Arogyaswami Paulraj; Thomas Kailath
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Printability of submicron 5X reticle defects at G-line, I-line, and deep UV exposure wavelengths
Author(s): Graham G. Arthur; Brian Martin; Francis N. Goodall; Ian M. Loader
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Effect of resist processes on dimensional control of submicron polysilicon gate structures
Author(s): Brian Martin; Graham G. Arthur
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Advantages of pulse counting in microchannel plate detectors
Author(s): Steven R. Rogers
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Metrology sensors for advanced resists
Author(s): Shoaib H. Zaidi; Steven L. Prins; John Robert McNeil; S. Sohail H. Naqvi
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Developed photoresist metrology using scatterometry
Author(s): Michael R. Murnane; Christopher J. Raymond; Ziad R. Hatab; S. Sohail H. Naqvi; John Robert McNeil
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"On wafer" measurement of mask-induced overlay error
Author(s): Paolo Canestrari; Giovanni Rivera; C. Lietti
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Use of scatterometric latent-image detector in closed-loop feedback control of linewidth
Author(s): John L. Sturtevant; Steven J. Holmes; Theodore G. Van Kessel; Michael L. Miller; Duncan A. Mellichamp
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AFM application on the topography study of stack cell DRAM processes
Author(s): Daniel Hao-Tien Lee; Gwo-Yuh Shiau
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Instrument for calibrating atomic force microscope standards
Author(s): Jason Schneir; Thomas H. McWaid; Theodore V. Vorburger
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