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SPIE Photonics West 2012 Award Photos

Awards recognizing research excellence and outstanding careers are being presented at Photonics West 2012.

View event photo gallery.

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For copies of any of the posted photographs, email media@spie.org.


Thursday 26 January

Fiber Laser best paper awards JPEG
Best Student Oral Presentation Awards sponsored by NKT Photonics, Fianium, and PolarOnyx were awarded to three authors in the Fiber Lasers conference. From left above are conference chair Eric Honea (Lockheed Martin Aculight), Arno Klenke (Friedrich-Schiller-Univ. Jena and Helmholtz-Institute Jena) who won third place including $300 for "Coherently combined fiber CPA system delivering 3-mJ femtosecond pulses," Marko Laurila (Technical Univ. of Denmark) who won second place including $500 for "Efficient high-power fiber amplifier utilizing single mode distributed mode filtering bandgap rod fiber," Florian Jansen (Friedrich-Schiller-Univ. Jena) who won first place including $1,000 for "26-mJ pulse energy Q-switched large-pitch fiber laser system with excellent beam quality," and conference committee chair Craig Robin (Air Force Research Lab).


Wednesday 25 January

JPEG SPIE Photonics West Green Photonics
The SPIE Green Photonics Award in the category Laser-assisted Manufacturing and Micro/Nano Fabrication was presented during the LASE plenary session for "Femtosecond laser doping and nanostructuring of silicon for photovoltaics" by Benjamin Franta, Meng-Ju Sher, Yu-Ting Lin, Katherine Phillips, and Eric Mazur (Harvard University), for pioneering contributions in the development of advanced technologies for novel photovoltaic elements.


Tuesday 24 January

SPIE Green Photonics awards were presented at the OPTO plenary session in three categories:


JPEG SPIE Green Photonics
Solid State Lighting and Displays
, to "Infrared excited Yb: Er: Y2O2S phosphors with intense emission for lighting applications" by Gangadharan Ajith Kumar, Madhab Pokhrel, and Dhiraj Sardar (University of Texas at San Antonio), for the possible application in infrared excited LED, lasers, and displays.

JPEG SPIE Green Photonics
, to "Energy-efficient VCSELs for 'green' data and computer communication" by Philip Moser (Technische Univ. Berlin); James A. Lott (VI Systems GmbH); Philip Wolf, Gunter Larisch, Alexey Payusov, and Gerrit Fiol (Technische  Univ. Berlin); Nikolay Ledentsov (VI Systems GmbH); and Werner Hofmann and Dieter Bimberg (Technische Univ. Berlin), for pioneering contributions in the development of advanced technologies for energy-efficient light sources for data transmission.

JPEG SPIE Green Photonics Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Generation: Fusion and Photovoltaics
, to "Simulations of solar cell enhancement using whispering-gallery modes of dielectric nanospheres" by Jonathan Grandidier, Dennis Callahan, Michael Deceglie, Jeremy Munday, and Harry Atwater (California Institute of Technology), for pioneering contributions in the development of advanced technologies for the enhancement of solar cell performance.

Monday 23 January

JenLab Young Investigator Award
The JenLab Young Investigator Award was presented at the Multiphoton Microscopy in the Biomedical Sciences XII conference by Peter So (Massachusetts Institute for Technology), far left, Karsten König (JenLab GmbH), second from right, and Ammasi Periasamy (Univ. of Virginia), far right, to Jesse W. Wilson, second from left, for his paper titled, "In-vivo pump-probe microscopy of melanoma and pigmented lesions." The $2000 prize was donated by JenLab GmbH.

JenLab Best Poster Award
The JenLab Best Poster Awards were presented to, from award winners left to right, Evelien De Meulenaere (Katholieke Univ. Leuven), Gaël Latour (Ecole Polytechnique), Po-Yen Lin (National Yang-Ming Univ.) and Amanda P. Siegel (Indiana Univ.) by Peter So (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), second from left, Karsten König (JenLab GmbH), far left, and Ammasi Periasamy (Univ. of Virginia), far right. The winners each received a $500 cash prize donated by various award sponsors.

 JPEG SPIE MOEMS-MEMS Best Paper Award Winner
Symposium Chair Harald Schenk (Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems), at left above, and Symposium Cochair David Dickensheets (Montana State University), at right, present Myun-Sik Kim (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), with one of two Best Paper Awards sponsored by Dyoptyka: another Best Paper Award went to Peter Buck (Toppan Photomasks). The Best Student Paper Award was sponsored by Vuzix and went to Daniel McAdams and Daniel Cole (University of Pittsburgh).


  Sunday 22 January

Clemens Alt (center) received the Pascal Rol Award for Best Paper from Ophthalmic Technologies XXII conference chairs Per Söderburg (Uppsala Univ.), third from left, Arthur Ho (Brien Holden Vision Institute), second from right, and Fabrice Manns (Univ. of Miami), second from right, for his presentation titled "In vivo quantification of microglia dynamics with a scanning laser ophthalmoscope in a mouse model of focal laser injury."He is joined by session chairs Daniel Palanker (Standford Univ.), far right, and Ezra Maguen (American Eye Institute), second from left.

The PicoQuant Young Investigator Award was awarded to Hsiaolu Lee (no photo available) for the presentation, "Fluorescent saxitoxins for live cell imaging of single voltage-gated sodium ion channels beyond the optical diffraction limit." The award was presented by Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Imaging IV Session Chair Zygmunt Karol Gryczynski, Univ. of North Texas Health Science Ctr. at Fort Worth. The $750 cash prize was donated by PicoQuant GmbH.

Ocean Optics
The Ocean Optics Young Investigator Award was presented by Marek Osinski (Univ. of New Mexico), far left, Wolfgang Parak (Philipps- Univ. Marburg), second from right, and Kevin Chittim (Ocean Optics), far left, to Nathan Withers (Univ. of New Mexico), second from right, for his paper titled, "Effects of LaF3:Ce nanoparticles capped with polyethylene glycol on human astrocytoma cells in vitro," at the Colloidal Nanocrystals for Biomedical Applications VII conference. The prize consists of a $1,000 cash prize and $2,000 towards Ocean Optics Equiptment donated by Ocean Optics.