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Open-access laser feature articles from SPIE member publications

Open-access articles from the SPIE Professional, the Society's member magazine, on the latest laser applications and the story of the development of laser technology.

"Lasers in Medicine," by Sian Harris, January 2011.

"Lasers and Moore's Law," by Bruno La Fontaine, October 2010.

"The Future of Suture," by Abraham Katzir, July 2010.

"FEMTOLASERS, an ultrafast success story," by Thorsten Naeser, April 2010.

"The CO2 laser: The workhorse of the laser material processing industry," by Anthony J. DeMaria and Thomas V. Hennessey, Jr., January 2010 (excerpt). The full version of this article is available as a PDF. 

"Laser innovations," by Jeff Hecht, October 2009

"Giant lasers at NIF", on the facility's 192-beam pulsed laser system, July 2009

"Laser evolution", by Jeff Hecht, April 2009

An excerpt from the book Laser Pioneers, by Jeff Hecht, January 2009

"Speckle renaissance", interview with Joseph Goodman, July 2007

Archival interviews from other SPIE member publications.

"Optical evangelism: Gallieno Denardo fosters the spread of optics to the developing world," oemagazine, June/July 2005

"Leading the way with light: Néstor Gaggioli has seen the accomplishments and frustrations of optics in Latin America," oemagazine, March 2004

"Inventing the light fantastic: Ted Maiman and the world's first laser," OE Reports, August 2000

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