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Highlights from Medical Imaging 2006

Rich with student activity, Medical Imaging 2006 provided student many avenues to network with experts in their field, learn more about careers in medical imaging, and present research in an environment that defines the cutting edge in medical imaging research.

The prestigious Michael B. Merickel, Best Student Paper Award was presented to Hans Bornefaulk for his paper, Dual-energy imaging using a photon counting detector with electronical spectrum-splitting [6142-53].

The SPIE Medical Imaging Symposium (11-16 February 2006, San Diego, CA) provided a great opportunity for students to experience and learn about careers in medical imaging. About 30% of the attendees at this year's annual symposium were students. In addition to the scientific sessions that covered a wide range of medical imaging topics, there were a number of events scheduled specifically for students to help them discover and plot their futures. Kenneth Hanson, Ph.D., hosted a workshop on "Writing for Publication in Medical Imaging" and Elizabeth Krupinski, Ph.D., hosted one on "Early Career Professional Development in Medical Imaging." Both workshops were very well attended and provided students with the opportunity to learn some useful techniques for getting ahead in the field of medical imaging. The workshops were designed to be interactive and the question & answer portions were lively and informative. Workshops like this not only provide students with the chance to meet some of the experts in the field, but they also provide a forum where the students can interact and learn from each other. The "Meet the NIH" session, although not geared specifically to students, also provided them with an opportunity to learn about the grant submission process. In a less formal setting, SPIE hosted an event titled "Ice Cream with the Experts." Just under 50 students attended and 6 members of academia and industry attended representing the "experts." In this relaxed setting, the students talked among themselves and with the experts about their goals in medical imaging and the challenges they face. Questions to the experts tended to revolve around how to get a job, what are the plusses and minuses about a career in academia versus industry and how do you balance a career with the rest of life. Overall, the event was a huge success as evidenced by the lingering of groups well beyond the close of session and removal of the ice cream sundae bar!

Medical Imaging 2006 POSTER AWARDS

Conference 6141
1st place - 6141-66
Honorable mention - 6141-77 and 6141-96

Conference 6142
1st place - 6142-132
Honorable mention - 6142-193 and 6142-109

Special Image Reconstruction Award
1st place - 6142-157
Honorable mention - 6142-158

Conference 6143
1st place - 6143-92
Honorable mention - 6143-122

Conference 6144
1st place - 6144-162
Honorable mention - 6144-138 and 6144-86

Conference 6144
1st place - 6144-224
Honorable mention - 6144-256

Special CAD Session
1st place - 6144-199 and 6144-196
Honorable mention - 6144-205

Conference 6145
1st place - 6145-23
Honorable mention - 6145-52 and 6145-53

Conference 6146
1st place - 6146-36
Honorable mention - 6146-40

Conference 6147
1st place - 6147-31
Honorable mention - 6147-34