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Journal of Electronic Imaging


Illumination & Displays

Journal article examines developments in lighting efficiency

The key advances for lighting technologies in the 21st century are driven primarily by energy efficiency, color quality, and cost-effectiveness. The Journal of Photonics for Energy celebrates the International Year of Light.

Major breakthroughs in photonics are changing how solar energy will power our future, how light illuminates our lives, and how technology will connect us to each other in new ways. The Journal of Photonics for Energy celebrates the International Year of Light.

4 November 2015
By combining electrical switching and light emission, organic light-emitting transistors promise greater efficiency than organic LEDs for novel organic photonic and display technologies.
21 October 2015
Streetlights in Durham, NC  (Christopher Kyba, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License)

New streetlight installations have resulted in a dramatic increase in scattered light, but cities can avoid adding to it by asking the right questions.

5 October 2015
A new achromatic polarizer and anisotropic diffusion layer enable a low-power, full-color display with high reflectivity and a wide color gamut.
30 September 2015
Solvent-free transfer printing by a pick-and place-technique patterns and multi-stacks quantum dots on various substrates, enabling high-definition full-color displays and flexible optoelectronics.
4 August 2015
Low-temperature process promises better perovskite solar cells
Swiss team develops way to produce hysteresis-free tandem and bifacial cells at just 50°C.
24 November 2015
Hamamatsu Photonics reports 8% sales boost for 2015
But “international market uncertainties” still give Japanese giant cause for concern.
19 November 2015
Leti groups report three 'mature' silicon photonics platforms
PLAT4M project focused on “speeding industrialization” of this technology.
19 November 2015
Wide-area Li-Fi network generating interest
Lecture and TED talk detail how Scotland-developed solar-powered wireless communication could benefit millions.
19 November 2015
Shuji Nakamura presentation from Light for a Better World: A Celebration of U.S. Innovation