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Journal of Electronic Imaging


Illumination & Displays

Eliminating light leakage in a liquid crystal display
Using pairs of orthogonal wave plates can eliminate light leakage from liquid crystal displays to allow higher-quality dark images.
Novel stimuli with imperceptible flickers can be used for next-generation brain–computer interfaces and for biomedical applications.
22 April 2015
The first graphene-quantum-dot LEDs made with high-quantum-yield nanodots obtained via graphite intercalation compound synthesis exhibit luminance in excess of 1000cd/m2.
7 April 2015
An energy gradient in the core-shell nanostructure of nitride semiconductors enables unidirectional light propagation and the generation of broadband white light.
2 April 2015
Nanosecond electric modification of the nematic order parameter can switch the optical properties of nematic liquid crystals with a nanosecond response time.
17 March 2015
Using native substrates for gallium nitride LEDs offers unique performance advantages.
6 March 2015
Printing silicon on paper offers benefits for microelectronics
Dutch-Japanese team develops low-temperature method to layer silicon on substrate from "ink" using laser pulse.
24 April 2015
DSS 2015: defense and security components showcased
High-spec cameras, sensors, lenses and more in abundance at SPIE's Baltimore exhibition and conference,
22 April 2015
Cree hit by winter weather as profits evaporate
Fall in gross margins attributed to inventory adjustment sees LED lighting company’s earnings plummet.
22 April 2015
Photonics firms recognized by Queen’s Awards 2015
Innovation and export awards for photonics companies across the UK.
21 April 2015
Shuji Nakamura plenary presentation: Future and present technologies of solid state lighting

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