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2015 Optical Engineering + Applications | Call for Papers

Journal of Electronic Imaging


Illumination & Displays

Screen-free display formed using retro-reflector
An aerial display on which signage pops up has been realized using retro-reflective sheeting, an LED panel, and a half mirror.
Inserting tunnel junctions into the multi-quantum-well active region of LEDs based on gallium nitride enables carrier recycling and high-power quantum efficiencies well above 100%.
24 February 2015
Modeling and analyzing power losses at the packaging level enables improved efficiencies for various types of white LED.
4 February 2015
Vertical line dithering reduces flicker in time-sequential autostereoscopic 3D displays and also extends the number of viewpoints.
2 January 2015

A new method of high-resolution computational holography has been developed and experimentally demonstrated.

17 December 2014

A photo-aligned, electrically-suppressed-helix ferroelectric liquid crystal enables high optical quality, shock stability, and low driving voltage, showing promise for application in future displays.

11 December 2014
UK Photonics KTN head positive about business
The reorganized innovation network is now focusing more on tapping the industry’s commercial potential.
26 February 2015
Quantum imaging center opens in Glasgow
Business-focused QuantIC hub funded by UK government for next five years.
25 February 2015
First Solar begins silicon module ramp
As the firm pushes the efficiency of its long-standing CdTe technology, it is simultaneously starting to ramp TetraSun's silicon cells.
25 February 2015
Effect Photonics closes Series-A funding
Dutch DWDM photonic integration company to invest undisclosed sum in production facilities and staff.
24 February 2015
Ahmed Zewail lecture: Light and Life