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    How to prepare for your conference experience

    Thank you for your participation in this SPIE conference. Your colleagues are looking forward to seeing your research.
    This page is your portal to presentation and manuscript information, important dates, and the best practices to assist you as you complete your journey.

    Please see below for links to the following required steps for participation as a presenter:

    • submitting your abstract

    • preparing and uploading oral presentation files

    • preparing a video presentation

    • producing your poster (poster, PDF, and video preview)

    • submitting your manuscript.

    Also see below for links to more information on preparing for a successful conference:

    • presentation best-practice articles, courses, and books

    • visa information and invitation requests

    • self-promotion tips - get the word out about your presentation.

    Important dates

    Abstract Deadline for Advance Program 5 August 2020
    Author Notification for Advance Program 12 October 2020
    Manuscripts Due 20 January 2021