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Photonics West Preview: LASE sessions

Day two tackles additive manufacturing and laser capabilities to address the demands of emerging industrial and social applications. Hear technology innovators reporting their latest developments and sharing how their contributions will positively impact the world.

Future Research Directions for LASE Post-COVID

Craig Arnold
Welcome and opening from the moderator
Tuesday 26 January 2021
8:00 AM - 10:30 AM PST (US & CANADA)
Craig Arnold
Princeton Univ. (United States)

COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact throughout the LASE community across academia and industry. Although many of us struggle to manage the current situation, the purpose of this panel is to look toward the future and provide an outlook on how research priorities have evolved because of, and despite, the pandemic. Panelists will discuss their view on the areas where there is opportunity for growth and how certain topics have emerged as critical as we look beyond COVID-19.



Stefan Kaierle Henry Helvajian Bo Gu
Stefan Kaierle
Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V.
Henry Helvajian
The Aerospace Corp.
Bo Gu
Bos Photonics

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Industrial Manufacturing with Ultrashort Pulsed Lasers

Christian Schmitz, TRUMPF Laser Technology CEO
Welcome and opening
Tuesday 26 January 2021
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM PST (US & CANADA)
Christian Schmitz
TRUMPF Laser Technology CEO

In the past decade, ultrashort pulsed laser have been implemented into industrial applications at an ever accelerating pace. As the portfolio of ultrashort pulsed lasers have broadened in range of wavelengths and average power, new and unique applications have arisen. Please join the Industrial Manufacturing with Ultrashort Pulsed Lasers session to discover advances in ultrashort pulsed lasers and the latest manufacturing challenges they are solving. Topics will include laser innovations, specialty optics and a full spectrum of advanced ultrafast laser applications.

1:15 pm - Opening by Bill Holtkamp, Technology Center Manager, TRUMPF


Peggy Johnson, CEO Magic Leap Mary Lou Jepsen, CEO of Openwater Svetlana Samoilova
Bill Holtkamp
Technology Center Manager, TRUMPF, California
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Product launches Tuesday 26 January

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Hamamatsu Lumedica Konica Minolta Sensing America TRUMPF

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