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OptoNano Super Resolution Microscope Systems presented by OptoSigma

OptoNano Super Resolution Microscope Systems webinar presented by OptoSigma

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Learn all about a revolutionary technology (OMN) Optical Microsphere Nanoscopy and the new OptoNano 200 microscope systems from OptoSigma. This technology breaks through the spatial resolution limit of 200nm, enabling extraordinary imaging in ambient environments with no sample contamination, fast data acquisition, and all at an ultralow operating cost.

For those who registered, please check your email for the webinar recording. If you would like more information about the webinar, please contact OptoSigma at sales@optosigma.com.

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ON 200
OptoNano Super Resolution Microscope Systems
17 NOVEMBER - 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET
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Webinar agenda

  • Technology Overview
  • Comparison to other techniques
  • Demonstration video
  • Case Studies
  • Systems option overview
  • Q&A

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