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    Poster PDF Guidelines for Digital Forum

    Poster Uploads for SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation

    Presenting your work in the Digital Forum

    Please read the following guidelines and information to facilitate the successful creation and uploading of your poster presentation. Give considerable thought to the design and preparation of your presentation so that it is effective and informative. 

    Author timeline information will be shared soon from your Conference Proceedings Coordinators.

    Poster PDF Due
    30 November 2020

    Creating your poster PDF

    The most successful posters are graphically rich presentations of your research that highlight and summarize the main points, with the poster presenter filling in the details with a poster preview video (see below). The least effective poster format is an enlarged copy of your manuscript.

    Your poster should include:

    The paper title and all authors at the top of the poster
    A brief introduction, goals, experimental detail, conclusions, and references; presented in a logical and clear sequence

    Explanations for each graph, picture, and table

    File Type/Size, Fonts, and Color:

    Please make your poster 44” x 44” inches (112cm x 112cm). View the SPIE Poster template.
    Poster presentations can be created in a number of software applications but must be exported to PDF format for submission

    The PDF file size must be less than 100 MB
    Use easily-read type. Suggested minimum font sizes:

    > Title: 36 point type

    > List of authors: 25 point type

    > Body copy should be double-spaced text: 15 point type

    Choose your colors to provide strong contrast and avoid pairing red and green elements to assist those with red-green color blindness

    Reviewing your poster PDF

    Avoid uploading multiple versions of your poster PDF. When you finish creating your PDF, check the following:

    Is your poster PDF saved with the .pdf file extension?
    Is your file size less than 100 MB?
    Do all your graphs, pictures, and tables include explanations?
    Is your text color and size easy to read on screen?

    What happens next?

    The contact author will receive an email confirming poster PDF file (and optional .mp4 file) was received
    SPIE will check your file for technical issues and notify the contact author if any revision is necessary

    SPIE will publish your poster PDF. All poster PDFs received by the deadline will be published on the first day of the Digital Forum. Posters received after the deadline will be published as soon as possible, possibly the week of the Digital Forum but not guaranteed

    Creating a short preview video

    You are encouraged to create a short video preview to go along with your poster PDF. The video preview will help promote your poster and your research to individuals and institutions that may be interested in your work. 

    This video recording can include a few narrated slides or be a video of you expanding on a few key points of your poster presentation.
    If using slides, you will need to have audio narration embedded, and then the presentation exported as an MPEG-4 (.mp4) movie.
    Create your poster preview video in the widescreen format, using the 16:9 aspect ratio, to utilize the full screen.
    If narrating slides within PowerPoint, follow these step-by-step instructions on recording your audio in PowerPoint and exporting a PowerPoint file to .mp4

    If you’re using a web-based presentation program, such as Prezi, Slideshare, or Google Slides, you will need to use screen capture software to record your screen and presentation narration. 

    Be sure to save your poster preview video as an .mp4 movie file – other movie formats will not be supported.

    Reviewing your poster preview video

    Avoid uploading multiple versions of your poster preview video. When you finish creating your video, check the following:

    Is your poster preview video saved as an .mp4 movie file?
    Is the audio consistent and clear, free from static, hums, hisses, or interference?
    Is the audio at the right level, without having to adjust your volume very high or very low?
    Does your talk start promptly? (your narration should begin within the first 3 seconds)
    Does your recording end promptly after your closing remarks, without being cut off early or continuing for too long?

    Do all your slides, movies, and animations appear correctly?

    Further resources and assistance

    You may find the following resources helpful as you develop your video: – a third-party site for compressing a video file into an MP4 file – a third-party site for testing your microphone or recording a voice-over file.

    If you still need assistance with either your poster PDF or preview video, please contact SPIE at