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Optics + Photonics Online Course Program

The SPIE Optics + Photonics Online Course Program

SPIE Optics + Photonics has always offered a robust catalog of courses to help keep you up to date and advance your career. From courses in optomechanics to deep learning, there is something for you.

While this year looks different, rest assured you can still take courses online related to content presented during the SPIE Optics + Photonics Digital Forum.

SPIE online courses are versions of our live courses, designed to be taken on your own schedule. Courses include:

  • Slideshow presentations
  • Quizzes to test your retention of the material
  • Supplemental resources
  • Digital Certificate
  • Course access for one year from purchase

Email education@spie.org

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Upcoming Webinars

Optomechanical Engineering - From Architecture to Final Assemby with Keith Kasunic

9 September 2020 | 11:00 AM PT

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Available Courses

Practical Optical System Design (ON SC003)
This course will provide attendees with a basic working knowledge of optical design and associated engineering. Even if you have never used an optical design program before, you will become fluent with how to estimate, assess, execute, and manage the design of optical systems for many varied applications.
Your instructor: Richard Youngworth
Introduction to Optical Alignment Techniques (ON SC010)
This course discusses the equipment, techniques, tricks, and skills necessary to align optical systems and devices. You learn to identify errors in an optical system, and how to align lens systems.
Your instructor: Kenneth Castle
Introduction to Optomechanical Design (ON SC014)
This course will provide the training needed for the optical engineer to work with the mechanical features of optical systems. The emphasis is on providing techniques for rapid estimation of optical system performance.
Your instructor: Daniel Vukobratovich
Fastening Optical Elements with Adhesives (ON SC015)
This course has compiled an overview of these adhesives, their properties, and how to test them. How to use them is addressed in detail with guidelines and examples provided.
Your instructor: John Daly
Mounting of Optical Components (ON SC1019)
This course introduces the optomechanical engineering principles for the mounting of optical components such as lenses, mirrors, windows, prisms, and filters. Oriented towards practicing engineers and managers, case studies are used to show how mount design is driven by a combination of environmental, performance, and cost requirements.
Your instructor: Keith Kasunic
Optical Materials, Fabrication, and Testing for the Optical Engineer (ON SC1086)
This course is designed to give the optical engineer or lens designer an introduction to the technologies and techniques of optical materials, fabrication, and testing. This knowledge will help the optical engineer understand how the choice of optical specifications and tolerances can either lead to more cost-effective optical components or can excessively drive the price up.
Your instructor: Jessica DeGroote Nelson
Optical System Design: First Order Layout - Principles and Practices (ON SC1102)
This course provides the background and principles necessary to understand how optical imaging systems function, allowing you to produce a system layout which will satisfy the performance requirements of your application.
Your instructor: Julie Bentley
Stray Light Analysis and Control (ON SC1199)
This course explains the basic principles of designing, building, and testing optical systems whose stray light performance is adequate for their intended purpose.
Your instructor: Eric Fest
Introduction to LIDAR for Autonomous Vehicles (ON SC1232)
This course provides an introduction to the exciting and rapidly growing field of light detection and ranging (LIDAR) on autonomous vehicles.
Your instructor: Joseph Shaw
Mirror System Design with Freeform Surfaces (ON SC1272)
This course provides a primer in mirror system design using freeform surfaces. The course will be of interest to those engineers working with imaging systems which require the use of mirrors as lens systems may not be appropriate.
Your instructor: José Sasián
Introduction to Optical Remote Sensing Systems (ON SC567)
This course provides a broad introduction to optical remote sensing systems, including both passive sensors (e.g., radiometers and spectral imagers) and active sensors (e.g., laser radars or LIDARs).
Your instructor: Joseph Shaw
Basic Optics for Non-Optics Personnel (ON SC609)
This course will provide the technical manager, sales engineering, marketing staff, or other non-optics personnel with a basic understanding of the terms, specifications, and measurements used in optical technology to facilitate effective communication with optics professionals on a functional level.
Your instructor: Kevin Harding
Radiometry Revealed (ON SC915)
This course explains basic principles and applications of radiometry and photometry. A primary goal of the course is to reveal the logic, systematic order, and methodology behind what sometimes appears to be a confusing branch of optical science and engineering.
Your instructor: Joseph Shaw