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Photonics Europe Online Courses

Courses related to Photonics Europe Digital Forum

In conjunction with the newly launched SPIE Photonics Europe Digital Forum, these two online courses are pre-recorded versions of our live courses taught by the same expert instructor, Bernard Kress. The courses are designed to be taken on your own schedule from your desktop or mobile device. Registration is now closed.

Course Access is 13 April–1 May.

Question and Answer Forum with instructor Bernard Kress 20–24 April.

Courses include:

  • Access to the course 13 April–1 May
  • Question and Answer Forum with the instructor who will respond to questions posted in the forum 20–24 April
  • Video and audio of the instructor with synchronized presentations
  • Quiz to test retention of the material
  • Continuing Education Unit credits (CEUs)
  • Downloadable PDF course notes
  • Length: Approximately 3.5 hours

Email education@spie.org

Recommended Textbooks
listed below

Available Courses

Design, Modeling and Fabrication Techniques for Micro-Optics: Applications to Display, Imaging, Sensing and Metrology (ON SC1217)
This course is for scientists, engineers, technicians, or managers who wish to learn more about how to design, model, fabricate and test micro-optics, diffractive optics and hybrid micro-optics, and how such optics can be integrated effectively in consumer products. Basic knowledge in optics is assumed.
About your instructor: Bernard Kress
Optical Technologies and Architectures for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs) (ON SC1218)
This course is for optical, mechanical and electrical engineers involved in the design and development of Enterprise and Consumer HMDs in all their declinations. Product and project managers involved in defining current and next-generation HMD products, technology product roadmaps and next-generation optical sub-systems.
About your instructor: Bernard Kress