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    Call for Presentations

    It is my pleasure to offer you an opportunity to present at Mirror Technology Days. Tech Days is accepting three distinct types of presentations:

    1. Review of Funded Research: Contractors with current Government funding (e.g., SBIRs, NASA ROSES, DIIs, etc.) are invited to review their accomplishments of the last year and plans for the future
    2. Success Stories: Contractors are invited to present how past or present government-funded mirror technology development efforts have either been integrated into a Government program or reached the commercial marketplace
    3. Technology Needs: Prime Contractors and/or Systems Integrators are invited to identify specific technologies which they would like for the Government to have developed.

    Please remember, presentations should not be of a generic capabilities or 'commercial' nature.

    Projects to be reviewed include Government-sponsored mirror technology development for any application (such as telescopes, imaging systems, seeker/trackers, high-energy laser systems, solar energy, etc.) which requires optical components. Tech Days covers technology investment efforts in: optical materials; substrate design & manufacture; optical fabrication and metrology technology; optical coatings; wavefront sensing and control via adaptive optics; nanotechnology imaging technologies; etc.

    If invited to submit, send the following presentation information to

    1. Presentation Title
    2. Presenter Name
    3. Company Name
    4. Sponsoring US Government Agency
    5. OPEN or CLOSED Session

    OPEN sessions are for basic mirror technology development research. CLOSED sessions are Export or ITAR Controlled Presentations. Attendance for CLOSED sessions is restricted to US Citizens and Green Card Holders.

    As always, Contractors working on Government funding have three options:

    1. prepare and present your own presentation
    2. prepare your presentation and have your Government sponsor present it on your behalf
    3. your sponsor can prepare and present a presentation of your activities on your behalf.

    Before presenting at Tech Days, each presenter is responsible for getting all necessary public release clearances for their presentations. All OPEN presentations must be fully public, containing no proprietary or Export Controlled information. I will need a copy of each author’s public release authorization.

    H. Philip Stahl, Ph.D.


    Abstracts Due
    13 August 2021

    Author Notifications
    20 September 2021

    Info to come

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