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Newsroom RSS feeds allow instant updates

About RSS

What is syndicated content (RSS)?
Syndicated content, or Really Simple Syndication (RSS), is an easy way to distribute information from websites. Using RSS, a news site or a blog can feed its new articles to a group of subscribers automatically.

How do I use RSS?
You'll need an RSS reader, such as RSS Bandit, SharpReader, MyMSN, FeedDemon, NewsGator, or MyYahoo, to use RSS feeds. RSS readers allow you to find feeds and subscribe to them, so that content is delivered to you. After you have subscribed to an RSS feed, headlines will become available in your reader. When you see a headline that interests you, just click it to view the full article.

How to add a feed from SPIE Newsroom
1. Use the buttons below, or go to the page you want to add -- the homepage or any one of the 13 Technical Community pages. Look for a little orange button that says "RSS" in the lower right corner of the page. (For your convenience, the full list of feeds is below.)

2. To find the url for the syndicated content, right-click the button and click Copy Shortcut.

3. Paste the URL into the appropriate location in your RSS reader. Many readers also allow you to drag the button into a field to add a feed.

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For more information about RSS, visit any of these sites:

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