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Color Printing and Extra Page Charges

If you want color pages in your manuscript to be printed in color, or if the length of your manuscript exceeds the limits specified below, you need to pay publication charges to SPIE. Return the Publication Charges Form PDF with your payment to SPIE by *one* of the following three methods:

1. Mail (address on form)
2. Scan and email to customerservice@spie.org
3. Fax to 360-647-1445.

Color figures or tables in manuscripts

Manuscripts submitted through MySPIE.org that contain color will retain color in all of SPIE's digital publications at no charge. However, authors must pay a fee of $300 per page to have color printed in the printed proceedings volume.

When formatting color it is important to keep in mind that if you are not paying for color printing, that the manuscript will be printed in grayscale, and color schemes need to be of sufficient contrast. For example, yellow on a white background, or purple on a black background, will most likely not print clearly when converted to gray values.

Extra-length page count

Manuscripts should be 8-12 pages in length (15-page maximum for Invited presentations). SPIE charges $35/page for each page exceeding the maximum page-length limit.