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Revising Your Manuscript

If a revision to your manuscript is requested, either by SPIE staff or by the Conference Chair, you will be allowed five business days to submit your revision.

For Post-meeting Proceedings (manuscript due date one month before conference, papers published shortly after conference), manuscript revisions are accepted until the Monday following the last day of the conference.

For On-site Proceedings (manuscript due date ten weeks before conference, papers published on the first day of conference), manuscript revisions are accepted until about three weeks after the manuscript due date.

Please do not submit a draft of your paper with the intent of later submitting a revised final version. If you are under pressure to submit your paper, but need more time to finalize it, contact the SPIE staff proceedings editor for the conference/volume for which your paper/presentation belongs, and ask if due date extensions are available.

To submit a revision

  1. Log in to your account at myspie.org.
  2. Locate your manuscript on your To-Do List, click the Submit Manuscript Revision link, and follow the upload Wizard to submit a revised PostScript or Microsoft Word file.
  3. After you run through the 6-step manuscript submission wizard your file will be converted to PDF format and made available for you to view and approve/disapprove. You will receive an email notifying you that this conversion has either succeeded or failed.
  4. When you receive the email requesting your approval of the SPIE-produced PDF of your manuscript, follow the "Approve Manuscript Submitted (date)" link on your To-Do List for that paper, view the PDF, and select the "Approve" option. If you disapprove the PDF, make the necessary revision to your manuscript, and submit another revision by following the "Submit Manuscript Revision" link on your To-Do List for that paper. After your revision is uploaded and approved by you, it will overwrite your previously submitted manuscript version in SPIE's system.
  5. If this revision was requested from you by the conference chair, it is a good idea to send him/her an email notifying that the revision is now submitted through the MySPIE submission system. They can access the PDF through their account, so there is no need to send a hardcopy or email attachment to them.