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    Leverage your network to promote your work

    Promote your work

    We want you to get the most out of your work and participation in SPIE events--that's why we want to encourage you to share your work. Participants who share their work in at least some form are more likely to have a successful event experience.

    Social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs are great places to share items such as your abstract, paper, or the proceedings, as well as invite people to watch your presentation.

    To make this process easier, we have gathered a few resources below to help you get started.

    Tips for sharing

    Whether you want to share with an individual colleague or thousands of social media followers, it can be a quick and easy way to benefit you and your work.

     • Utilize email if you are not active on social media
     • Like and share applicable posts on social media
     • Contact your organization to see if they will do some social activity on your behalf
     • Use hashtags and tag others to get noticed and shared
     • Create your own posts and utilize our resources below to make it easy

    Download the tip sheet I'm presenting! Now What? 12 ways to Promote Yourself and Your Work.

    Resources to make sharing easier

    SPIE sharing tutorials
     • Share a profile on Twitter (33 second video)
     • Share a conference on Twitter (1 minute video)
    SPIE Accounts to follow: like and share
     LinkedIn LinkedIn: SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics
    Twitter Twitter: @SPIEevents @SPIEtweets
    Instagram Instagram: @spiephotonics
    Facebook Facebook: SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics
    Utilize Security + Defence hashtags
     • #SPIESecurityDefence #securitydefence are the overall event hashtags
    #security #defence #exhibition #techtalk #quantum #lidar #optical #sensing #nanophotonics #lasers #imaging #UAV #IR #infrared are a few example topical hashtags
    Download images you can use
     • Photonics West 2017 Event Image for Twitter (xx MB jpg)
     • Photonics West 2017 Event Image for LinkedIn (xx MB jpg)
     • Photonics West logo (xx MB jpg)
    Want to include a link? Cut & paste the short URL to save space!
     • Link to Security + Defence event page:

    Kudos. A free resource.

    Research has shown that authors who use Kudos experience 23% higher downloads for a publication than those who do not.

    What is it?
    Kudos is a free toolkit for authors that assists in effortlessly promoting published papers.

    What are the benefits?
    Make sure your research gets read and applied.

     • You can monitor the impact of your work with helpful metrics.
     • Kudos will do the work for you, from sharing your paper to increasing the likelihood of the right people finding it.
     • By expanding the potential readership of your work, Kudos ensures maximum exposure and impact.

    Check out this press release for more details about the benefits of Kudos.

    Case Study: Author Success Story
    Check out the success of Eric Manheimer, an author who used Kudos to promote his work and received 570+ views in 2 months. View the case study

    Getting started is easy

    Learn more about Kudos=     and create your free account today!

    Abstracts Due
    28 April 2021
    Post-deadline submissions will be considered. Submit your abstract now.

    Author Notification
    24 May 2021

    Manuscripts Due
    25 August 2021


    I'm Presenting! Now what?
    12 Ways to Promote Yourself and Your Work

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