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SPIE Defense & Security 2006 on SPIE TV

Knowledge is increasingly a source of competitive advantage. The SPIE Defense & Security Symposium 2006 provided a venue for the sharing of views and ideas amongst an international audience. During this week of collaboration, David Bannon and Andy Brown sharing their expertise in the areas of hyperspectral imaging and fibers lasers, respectively.

These fascinating interviews were captured for webcast and are now available to view anytime-at no charge to you-courtesy of SPIE TV. Thank you for watching!

Hyperspectral Imaging

David Bannon, COO of Headwall Photonics in Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Technology developments have enabled the deployment of hyperspectral sensors to new application areas. Mr. Bannon shares his insights.

Play video: Windows Media | QuickTime

New: Video podcast

DOI: 10.1117/2.3200701.0001

Fiber Lasers

Andy Brown, Director of Business Development at Aculight Corporation in Bothell, WA

Dr. Brown describes the unique qualities of fibers lasers, as well as their current and future applications in defense and security.

Play video: Windows Media | QuickTime