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Visa Information and Invitation Requests

Visa Information and Invitation Letter Requests

Apply now for your visa!

Participants of an event or conference in Australia will generally need to apply for a subclass 456 Business (Short Stay) Visitor visa. Further information is available on the government web site at: http://www.immi.gov.au

If an overseas participant is eligible to obtain an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) they may apply for either a Short or Long Validity Business Visitor ETA.

Additional information of the Department of Immigration and Multiculture and Indigenous Affair's Electronic Travel Authority system can be found via the following link:

See: http://www.immi.gov/au/eta/

An ETA is issued within seconds by computer links between the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA), travel agents, airlines, and specialist service providers around the world and the internet.

No evidence of the ETA is needed, as it is electronically stored in the system. Airlines and Travel Agents participating in the ETA system can confirm its existence on behalf of the travelers.

Letters of Invitation

Individuals requiring letters of invitation to obtain travel visas to present their papers may access and print an Invitation Letter Request Form.

  • Please fill out a separate form for each person requesting a letter
  • Fax completed form to SPIE at 1-360-647-1445
  • All letters of invitation will be sent by airmail from Australia and by e-mail (as a PDF attachment) unless a courier account number or credit card number with expiration date is provided with the original request
  • Please allow ample time to process your request
  • SPIE is not able to contact embassies in support of an individual attempting to gain entry to attend an SPIE meeting
  • We recommend that you begin your visa application as soon as possible as it is a lengthly process.
  • We also recommend that you secure your travel visa before registering for the conference as cancellations after the preregistration