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Optical Design & Engineering

Coating center

Berliner Glas Group

The Berliner Glas Group has recently expanded its coating center at the Berlin site to a customized APS system (advanced plasma source).

The new coating system facilitates the production of highly sophisticated coatings, consisting of a plurality of individual layers, for example, edge filters, highly reflective layers (dielectric mirrors) or laser-resistant layers. These coatings are used, amongst others, in medical technology, space communications and the telecommunications industry. Due to the new APS system the capacity for customer applications is increased and the development of new technologies within the Berliner Glas Group is accelerated.

The optical monitoring system (OMS 5000) - also called direct monitoring - determines the optical thickness of the growing single layer during the coating process, compares it with the set values from the layer simulation in real time and corrects any errors as needed. This OMS enables Berliner Glas to realize edge lengths with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 % at 650 nm. This opens the door to a wider market as this ensures compliance with increasingly stringent specifications.

The "Coating & Surfaces" division of the Berliner Glas Group develops and manufactures sophisticated coatings for individual requirements of customers. The spectral range extends from the UV to the infrared range.

With this new APS system, the Berliner Glas Group has invested in the future, created the basis for further growth and ensures continued compliance with the ever increasing demands of the market and customers.