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Defense & Security

Multimedia presentations from SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2016

These presentations cover the on the latest directions and promising breakthroughs in defense and sensing technologies.

26 May 2016, SPIE Newsroom. DOI: 10.1117/2.3201605.10
SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing  2016 Plenary

Sensing and imaging technologies enabling such wide-ranging applications as machine vision, process control, crop productivity, counter-terrorism, and personalized medicine were showcased at SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing, 17-21 April.

The largest event for the defense and security community's optics and photonics technology, this conference offered five days of technical talks, courses, workshops, and plenty of opportunity for networking.

The event included the following plenary talks and presentations (slides and audio).

Advanced Platforms for Sensing in the Air, Space, Maritime/Undersea, and Ground Domains 

Bradford Tousley, DARPA (USA)
Bradford Tousley 

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High-Speed and TDI CMOS Imagers for Machine Vision, Life Sciences, Remote Sensing and Scientific Applications 
Jonathan Borremans, imec (Belgium)
Jonathan Borremans 
imec  (Belgium)

View presentation

CMOS-Based Hyperspectral Imaging Enabling Innovation in Healthcare, Agriculture and Food Safety 
Jerome Baron, imec (Belgium)
Jerome Baron 
imec  (Belgium)

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Smarter Autonomous Vehicles Integrating mm-Wave Radars and Solid-State LiDAR

Tom Claes, imecMaarten Willems, imecTom Claes (left)  and Maarten Willems (right)

imec (Belgium)

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