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    Photonics Innovation Village Award Winners

    SPIE Photonics Europe Innovation Village

    Developed as a way to support and publicize research teams from universities, non-profit institutions and research centers who are working on research, new applications, and product development, the Photonics Innovation Village brought together nine projects to showcase Europe's (and the world's) finest research programs and to encourage the transfer of optics and photonics research and technology into new and useful products.

    The 7th edition of the Photonics Innovation Village was organized by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. By taking part in the competition, innovative researchers were able to showcase their latest research to industry innovators and other photonics visionaries.

    Category winners received cash awards sponsored by the Brussels Capital Region Government. New this year is an SPIE-sponsored travel grant for one Innovation Village team to attend Photonics West and pitch in the 2017 Startup Challenge.

    SPIE President Bob Lieberman thanked the jury who had the difficult task of ranking the projects, with the outcome being "incredibly close."

    Award winners

    SPIE travel grant to attend Photonics West and pitch in the 2017 Startup Challenge

    FASTREE3D (EPFL) Winner
    Fastree3D develops next generation 3D imaging sensors that recognize and locate fast moving objects in 3D in real-time.

    Best Innovation by an Individual Researcher

    to Photonic Jet Microetching Station (Icube laboratory) Winner
    Photonic Jet Microetching Station (Icube laboratory)
    Photonic Jet Station: Using a shaped tip optical fibre to generate the photonic jet phenomenon.

    University of Twente First runner-up
    University of Twente (University of Twente)
    EasyTIRf: a low cost slide holder with integrated led illumination.

    Best Innovation by a Multilateral Project, Organisation or Company

    Zeroptica (University College Cork) Winner
    Zeroptica (University College Cork & AMBER Centre- Trinity College Dublin)
    Zeroptica eliminates light reflections off optical surfaces by nano-structuring.
    MINERVA (Vivid Components) First runner-up
    MINERVA (Vivid Components)
    Mid-to near infrared spectroscopy for improved medical diagnostics.