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Satellite insulating material

Deposition Sciences, Inc.

Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI®) will showcase their new Sunshade material, a thermally insulating, broadband electromagnetic window for satellite systems, at SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing, April 19-21 in Baltimore.

Extremely lightweight, flexible, and conformable, the film is specially designed to protect satellites from solar radiation. The material is available in large format, covering areas up to 2.5 ft. x 10 ft. It controls temperatures passively and it can transmit high-speed data (RF transparent) and also allows the static charge to bleed off.

The unique electromagnetic thin film solution for satellite systems is manufactured with non-metallic coatings and has no laser ablation or patterning. The coating is tailorable for front and back surfaces to provide stress balance and emissivity control.

DSI's Sunshade material provides RF transparency at all frequencies below 18 GHz, allowing 99.4% of the energy to pass through. It reflects <-25dB at all frequencies below 18 GHz and <-30dB at all frequencies below 8 GHz.