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Lincoln Laser offers benefits to universities, nonprofit research labs

Lincoln Laser Company (LLC) is offering significant price reductions on all standard products for nonprofit universities and research facilities. In an effort to further the valuable research in optics and photonics that universities and research institutes perform, Lincoln Laser has announced the release of the LLC University and Research Institute affiliate program. 

In addition to a 25% catalog discount, specific time periods each week will be allocated for technical support and assistance via Skype with LLC optics and photonics engineers.  In addition, universities will have the ability to schedule test lab access at LLC for joint testing based on the project requirements and mutual approval between the university and Lincoln Laser. Finally, Lincoln Laser will promote at no charge the technical paper and findings on behalf of the university project through academic and commercial channels, mutually agreed to by the university and Lincoln Laser.

Announcing the release of this program, CEO Rob Nehrbas stated, “Lincoln Laser believes that it is a solemn duty to provide all the support and encouragement we can to further both the education and valuable research that our universities and institutes. They are the leaders in exploring and advancing the efficient and effective use of high-speed laser processing for the diverse applications that will benefit us all.”

This program is available to all non-profit university and research facilities regardless of their country location. To apply for this program, all qualifying participants should complete the form at http://www.lincolnlaser.com/affiliates.html. Upon receipt, all of the affiliate program materials will be emailed to the applicant, along with the price list and product technical documents.