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    Oral Presentation Guidelines

    Please read the following guidelines and information before you begin to create your oral presentation. When followed, the information provided will facilitate the successful delivery of your oral presentation. Give considerable thought to the design and preparation of your presentation so that it is effective and informative.

    AV Equipment in the Meeting Room 

    Each meeting room will be equipped with the following Audiovisual Equipment: 

    • Screen and LCD Projector
    • PC-Based Computer workstation with USB Connection
    • Monitor, Keyboard, and Wired Mouse
    • Sound connection from the Computer workstation.

    Presenting using a USB Mass Storage Device (Flash Drive): 

    • Connect your USB Device to the USB cable located at the presentation counter.
    • Open the folder displaying your USB.
    • Copy your file(s) to the appropriate folder by clicking and dragging the file(s).

    Please arrive before the conference begins in the morning, at a coffee break, or at lunch break prior to your scheduled presentation to upload your presentation to the workstation in your meeting room on the day of your presentation. Presentations will be deleted from the meeting room workstations at the end of each day as a security measure.

    To quickly identify your presentation on the meeting room workstation and to prevent confusion onsite please name your presentation with:

    • SPIE
    • Your SPIE assigned paper number (such as 10345-12)
    • Given name, family name
    • For example: SPIE 10345-12 Franc Schurer

    Presenting using your laptop:

    • Please bring your own VGA and HDMI connection cables to use with the venue system
    • Connect your power supply to the power bar located at the presentation counter
    • Make sure you bring the proper power adapter if you are arriving from outside Australia.
      • The electrical current in Australia is 240/250 volts AC 50Hz. The Australian 3-pin power outlet is different from many countries including Asia, so some visitors may need an adaptor socket. If your appliances are 100V, check if there is a 110/240V switch. If not, you will also need a voltage converter. Universal outlets for 240V or 100V shavers are found in most leading hotels. 
    • Connect your headphone jack or audio-out port to the 1/8" Mini-plug located at the presentation counter
    • If you are presenting with a Mac please make certain you have the proper VGA adapter.

    SPIE Meeting Policies & Your Security 

    Photography and Audio or Video Capturing

    Due to copyright restrictions, strictly no recordings of any kind are permitted without prior written consent of the presenter in any conference session, short course or posters session. Consent forms are available at the SPIE Speaker Check-In Desk and anyone wishing to record must have a written consent form signed and filed for each presenter being recorded. Individuals not complying with this policy will be asked to leave a given session and asked to surrender their film or recording media.

    Unsecured Items

    Personal belongings such as briefcases, backpacks, coats, book bags, etc. should not be left unattended in meeting rooms or public areas.

    These items will be subject to removal by security upon discovery.