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20% off the Top 15 SPIE Books of 2015 - View all below

Sale begins 30 October 2015.
You and your peers have determined the bestselling SPIE books of 2015. Now is your chance to pick up a sale copy for yourself or a friend. Place your order by 11 November to take advantage of sale prices.




Read details about Field Guide to Geometrical Optics, by John E. Greivenkamp      

Field Guide to Geometrical Optics
John E. Greivenkamp

This volume covers Gaussian imagery, paraxial optics, first-order optical system design, system examples, illumination, chromatic effects, and an introduction to aberrations. The appendices provide supplemental material on radiometry and photometry, the human eye, and several other topics.

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(Regular price $42) 


 2   Read details about Field Guide to Lens Design 

Field Guide to Lens Design
Julie Bentley, Craig Olson

The Field Guide begins with an outline of the general process of lens design before delving into aberrations, basic lens design forms, and optimization. An entire section is devoted to techniques for improving lens performance. Sections on tolerancing, stray light, and optical systems are followed by an appendix covering related topics such as optical materials, nonimaging concepts, designing for sampled imaging, and ray tracing fundamentals.

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Read more about State-of-the-Art Infrared Detector Technology   

State-of-the-Art Infrared Detector Technology
Michael A. Kinch

Scientists, engineers, managers, and policy makers who are currently involved in the funding of infrared R&D and subsequent system design and manufacture are confronted with a choice between two competing materials technologies, HgCdTe and III-V alloys. This book examines both the current and future performance of infrared focal plane arrays that use the various device architectures associated with these two materials technologies. All spectral bands from long wavelength (LWIR) through mid-wavelength (MWIR) to short wavelength (SWIR) are considered, ultimately with a view to achieving background and diffraction-limited system performance at room temperature for all wavelengths.

SPIE Member $50 (Regular price $62)
Nonmember $58 (Regular price $73)


 4   Read details about Field Guide to Optomechanical Design and Analysis  

Field Guide to Optomechanical Design and Analysis
Katie Schwertz and Jim Burge

Optomechanics is a field of mechanics that addresses the specific design challenges associated with optical systems. Intended for practicing optical and mechanical engineers whose work involves both fields, this SPIE Field Guide describes how to mount optical components, as well as how to analyze a given design.

SPIE Member $29 (Regular price $36)
Nonmember $34 (Regular price $42)



Read details about Computational Fourier Optics: A MATLAB Tutorial   

Computational Fourier Optics: A MATLAB Tutorial
David G. Voelz

This text gives readers the capability of programming their own basic wave optic beam propagations and imaging simulations. It is a concise, accessible, and practical companion to any of several excellent textbooks on Fourier optical theory.

SPIE Member $45 (Regular price $56)
Nonmember $53 (Regular price $66)

 6    Field Guide to Infrared Systems, Detectors, and FPAs, Second Edition 

Field Guide to Infrared Systems, Detectors, and FPAs, Second Edition
Arnold Daniels

This Field Guide combines numerous engineering disciplines necessary for the development of an infrared system. It describes the basic elements involving image formation and image quality, radiometry and flux transfer, and explains the figures of merit involving detector performance. It considers the development of search infrared systems, and specifies the main descriptors used to characterize thermal imaging systems. Furthermore, this guide clarifies, identifies, and evaluates the engineering tradeoffs in the design of an infrared system.

SPIE Member $29 (Regular price $36)
Nonmember $34 (Regular price $42)



Read details about Field Guide to Linear Systems in Optics    

Field Guide to Linear Systems in Optics
J. Scott Tyo and Andrey S. Alenin

"Linear systems" is a broad and important area in many scientific and engineering disciplines, and it is especially important in optics because it forms the basis for Fourier optics, diffraction theory, image-quality assessment, and many other areas. This Field Guide provides the practicing optical engineer with a reference for the basic concepts and techniques of linear systems, including Fourier series, continuous and discrete Fourier transforms, convolution, sampling and aliasing, and MTF/PSF using the language, notation, and applications from optics, imaging, and diffraction. 

SPIE Member $29 (Regular price $36)
Nonmember $34 (Regular price $42)


 8   Read details about Optical Glass


Optical Glass
Peter Hartmann

In contrast to its fundamental importance, there is often a lack of knowledge regarding the properties of optical glass by engineers and designers, causing misunderstandings in purchasing and fabrication, and ultimately limiting the potential and application of this dynamic material. This book will serve as an invaluable resource of technical information, including the index of refraction and its dependence on wavelength (dispersion), optical homogeneity and transmittance (presented together with restrictions imposed by the manufacturing processes and chemical resistance), as well as mechanical, thermal, and environmental properties.

SPIE Member $42 (Regular price $53)
Nonmember $50 
(Regular price $62)

 9    Read details about Field Guide to Lidar

Field Guide to Lidar
Paul McManamon 

This Field Guide covers the various components and types of active electro-optical sensors - referred to as lidars in the text - from simple 2D direct-detection lidars to multiple subaperture synthetic aperture lidars. Other topics covered include receivers, apertures, atmospheric effects, and appropriate processing of different lidars. Lasers and modulation are presented in terms of their use in lidars. The lidar range equation in its many variations is discussed along with receiver noise issues that determine how much signal must be received to detect an object. 

SPIE Member $29 (Regular price $36)
Nonmember $34 (Regular price $42)

 10  Read details about Hyperspectral Remote Sensing

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Michael T. Eismann

With this book, you will be prepared to understand the immense literature available in this technology area and apply your knowledge to the design of hyperspectral systems, the analysis of hyperspectral imagery, and the application of the technology to specific problems.

SPIE Member $98 (Regular price $123)
Nonmember $116 
(Regular price $145)




 Read details about The Proper Care of Optics: Cleaning, Handling, Storage, and Shipping

The Proper Care of Optics: Cleaning, Handling, Storage, and Shipping
Robert Schalck

This book describes the cleaning, handling, and storage methods used by professional technicians to keep optics in top condition. It is written for a diverse audience, from first-time optical cleaners to assembly technicians and seasoned engineers looking to expand their repertoire. In the lab or in the field, here you'll find the right technique to protect your equipment from harm. Reference lists of tools, solvents, and suppliers are provided to help you find solutions quickly. 

SPIE Member $37 (Regular price $46)
Nonmember $43 (Regular price $54)


12   Read more about Modeling the Imaging Chain of Digital Cameras 

Modeling the Imaging Chain of Digital Cameras
Robert D. Fiete      

This tutorial text teaches the key elements of the end-to-end imaging chain for digital camera systems and describes how elements of the imaging chain are mathematically modeled using the basics of linear systems mathematics and Fourier transforms. The emphasis is on general digital cameras designed to image incoherent light in the visible imaging spectrum. The reader will learn how digital camera design parameters are related to the elements of the imaging chain and how they influence the resulting image quality. The book also discusses the use of imaging chain models to simulate images from different digital camera designs for image quality evaluations. 

SPIE Member $38  (Regular price $47)
Nonmember $44  (Regular price $55)

13   Read more about Field Guide to Astronomical Instrumentation 

Field Guide to Astronomical Instrumentation
Christoph U. Keller, Ramón Navarro, and Bernhard R. Brandl 

This Field Guide is a concise, organized reference that explains the functions and configurations of astronomical instrumentation. It provides an overview of aspects of astronomical instrumentation from principles of general optics and optical design to optical manufacturing and systems engineering. Practitioners will also gain valuable information on polarimeters, interferometers, coronagraphs, cryogenics, software, and more. 

SPIE Member $29  (Regular price $36)
Nonmember $34  (Regular price $42)

14   Read details about Mounting Optics in Optical Instruments, 2nd Edition w/CD  

Mounting Optics in Optical Instruments, 2nd Edition w/CD
Paul R. Yoder, Jr. 

Along with new information on tolerancing, sealing considerations, elastomeric mountings, alignment, stress estimation, and temperature control, two new chapters address the mounting of metallic mirrors and the alignment of reflective and catadioptric systems.

The updated accompanying CD offers a convenient spreadsheet of the many equations that are helpful in solving problems encountered when mounting optics in instruments. 

SPIE Member $70  (Regular price $88)
Nonmember $82  (Regular price $103)


15   Read more about Satellite Communications for the Nonspecialist 

Satellite Communications for the Nonspecialist
Mark R. Chartrand 

Mark Chartrand employs his unique ability gained over two decades of teaching to explain complex technical and satellite applications to professionals in marketing, finance, law, public relations, and journalism, as well as personnel in ancillary fields and members of the public who wish to better understand the satellite industry.

"Dr. Mark Chartrand is THE single best educator, lecturer and satellite personality in the United States, if not the world.... This is a must-read book."      
--David Bross, Via Satellite Magazine

SPIE Member $62  (Regular price $78)
Nonmember $74  (Regular price $92)

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