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Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging

Multiphoton microscope


Bruker announces the release of the Ultima Investigator Multiphoton Microscope for high-performance in vivo imaging. Ultima Investigator utilizes a streamlined design that incorporates many of the innovative features found in Bruker's industry-leading Ultima IntraVital and In Vitro models. Up to four close-coupled detectors maximize collection efficiency and, when combined with Bruker's next-generation preamplifier, produce the signal-to-noise levels that enable high-speed imaging at depths up to 1 micron. Ultima Investigator also utilizes a rotatable nose piece that allows for the off-axis imaging required for advanced, in vivo neural activity research.

Based on Bruker's point-scanning technology, Ultima Investigator incorporates an improved detection path to increase photon collection efficiency and next-generation preamplifiers for improved signal to noise. The microscope platform provides generous clearance for in vivo studies, and off-axis imaging capabilities for brain imaging applications. Prairie View software provides links to other software platforms for data transfer and scripting, allowing closed-loop experiments during data acquisition.

An optional resonant galvanometer enables high-speed applications, with full-frame rates of 30 frames per second and region-of-interest frame rates of over 500 frames per second. Photoactivation and photostimulation options are also available. With its combination of streamlined features and add-on capabilities, Ultima Investigator delivers the ultimate value for in vivo studies in smaller labs and additional imaging bandwidth in larger labs.