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Lasers & Sources

Focusing lenses

Sill Optics

Manual laser welding systems are being used worldwide in times of automation due to their fast readiness for action and their easy handling.

For this purpose, Sill Optics offers special focusing lenses, which are corrected both for the laser wavelength and the visible range. This is true for the imaging performance and also for the antireflection coating used. The visual impression is free of color fringes and color faults. Therefore, the use of a visual monitoring system is possible. Welding spot and center of the visual controlled area are coincident.

Sill Optics offers different focal lengths, 56 mm, 77 mm, 90 mm and 120 mm. The housing diameter is one and the same for all lenses, allowing an easy process changeover of the welding system.

These special focusing lenses will be on diplay at Sill OPtics' booth at SPIE Photonics West 2015, February 10-12 in San Francisco, California.