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Illumination & Displays

UV LED light engines

Innovations in Optics, Inc.

Innovations in Optics, Inc. introduces a full product line of LumiBright UV LE Ultraviolet LED (light-emitting diode) light engines. These versatile and powerful solid-state sources are ideal for ultraviolet (UV) applications in life science, medical, and industrial equipment.

UV LEDs have benefits as compared to traditional mercury arc UV lamps. They are more energy efficient, smaller in size, and operate with consistent emission for very long lifetimes leading to low maintenance. UV LEDs are instant-on where mercury lamps need minutes to warm up. They are more environmentally friendly by being mercury-free, and they generate no ozone and emit no harmful "deep UV" radiation. UV LEDs are a cool source compared to arc lamps, largely from having no infrared emission. Reduced heat simplifies system cooling mechanisms and preserves materials under irradiation.

LumiBright UV LE LED light engines are ideal for OEM equipment. Specific applications include epi-illumination for fluorescence imaging in life science instrumentation such as gel and blot imagers, colony counters, and microplate readers. Medical applications include fluorescence-guided surgery and phototherapy. Industrial applications include imaging for fluorescent dye penetrant inspection or UV machine vision, and photopolymerization for 3-D printing or UV curing.

LumiBright UV LE LED light engines feature patented non-imaging optics as well as high brightness LED arrays with single or multi-wavelength options available in spectral distribution ranging from 365 nm thru 405 nm. The light engines can be operated from less than 1 W up to over 200 W. Small footprint allows easy integration into OEM or end-user systems configured for table-top, rack mounted or portable handheld devices. Fiber coupled models are available that accept fiber active core diameters from 1 mm up to 8 mm. Light engine system accessories include thermal management devices, wire harnesses, and driver/controllers.