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Electronic Imaging & Signal Processing

IR-imaging engines

Sofradir EC

Sofradir EC, Inc. introduces its new line of high-performance, Infrared Imaging Engines. The Miniature Thermal Imaging Engines, labeled "MiTIE", utilize a Sofradir cryogenically cooled MCT infrared detector. Three models will be introduced, the MiTIE MWIR-HD, a high definition 1280x1024 mid-wave imager and two VGA-format 640x512 engines, one for the long-wave spectral band (MiTIE LWIR) and the other for the mid-wave band (MiTIE MWIR).

Because of their compact size and versatile interface electronics, the MiTIE engines are ideal for easy integration into a wide range of electro-optical systems, including portable, mobile and fixed imagers, particularly those having size/weight/power restrictions. The MiTIE camera engines each include an integrated detector/dewar cooler assembly based on a 15 micron pitch, high performance Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) IR focal plane array. The engines produce both analog NTSC/PAL video as well as 14-bit digital data (Camera Link and HDMI). The camera control interface is either USB or Camera Link.

The MiTIE LWIR engine permits electro-optics OEMs to deliver the benefits of long-wave infrared imaging to their customers, including: excellent thermal sensitivity and contrast in both cold and warm environments, outstanding penetration through obscurants (such as smoke and dust) as well as reduced impact due to solar reflections (glint).

The two MiTIE MWIR engines bring unique capabilities as well. Despite its small, compact size, the MiTIE MWIR-HD engine delivers high definition infrared imaging with remarkable resolution and sensitivity. In addition, the MiTIE MWIR engines deliver the benefits of mid-wave infrared imaging, including: a smaller optical aperture to reduce SWaP and higher contrast in high humidity marine environments.